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It would be awesome if our kids received all the nutrients they needed from the foods that they eat, but for most, that just isn’t going to happen.  Whether it’s because they are picky, that there isn’t access to the best produce, meat, and grains, or that cooking methods reduce the nutrition levels.

Adorable Little Girls holding bottles of vitamins from ChildLife Essentials

Thankfully there are brands like ChildLife Essentials, to help make sure that our little ones get all the vitamins and nutritional supplements they need, to build strong and healthy bodies.

ChildLife Essentials

About ChildLife Essentials

ChildLife provides a complete line of nutritional supplements designed specifically for infants and children (6 months – 12 years). Our experience with infants and children’s healthcare is extensive.

Dr. Murray Clarke, who founded the company and developed the product line, has been specializing in pediatrics in his homeopathic and nutritional clinic for the past twenty years. The ChildLife Essentials line is literally the product of this experience. The fifteen products we offer are those, which have proven to be the most important, and the most effective in supporting healthy development and promoting natural immune strength in infants and children.

ChildLife Essentials are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. There are no artificial additives in any of our products. No artificial flavorings, no artificial sweeteners, and no added colorings. The great taste of the products makes taking nutritional supplements an easy part of a child’s daily routine.

These products are sold in natural stores, health food stores and pharmacies throughout America. Internationally, they are distributed in Taiwan, Singapore, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Ireland, Croatia, Poland, Romania and New Zealand.

We are very proud of this product line and are deeply committed to promoting improved nutrition for children as a foundation for good health and well-being.

With so many different vitamins and supplements to choose from, you’re sure to find just what your little one needs. And there is the bonus of a complete line of liquid vitamins, for infants and children. You can be sure of the quality from ChildLife Essentials, as they use premium ingredients, and are third-party lab tested.

Head on over to ChildLife Essentials and check out all they have to offer.  You can learn more from Dr. Murray Clarke…even submit a question for him!

Ask Dr. Murray Clarke

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