One of the most frequently asked questions in recent times has been how to achieve a slimmer face. Face fat is one condition that has increased as of late. This is largely as a result of the evolving society and the surrounding environment.

Especially for women, having a slimmer face is considered more aesthetically pleasing to behold. This can not be said about a swollen face or chubby cheek. Little wonder why all of our celebrities are going all the way out to make sure they maintain a slim and weight-free face.

One of the most effective and fast ways on how to lose weight on the face is surgery. Apart from the risk involved in this process, it is the most effective way of losing face fat. To be on the safer side, it is advised to consider alternative methods that are similarly effective and also safe.

However, you may require a little bit of patience before you begin to see results. For the sake of this article, let’s take a look at the two natural ways of getting rid of fat; which are exercises and your diet.

Diets For a Slimmer Face

Your nutrition is a basic requirement for losing fat on the face. As much as possible, ensure that your foods are nutrient-rich and balanced. This way your body can function well; and as a result, it makes it easy for your body to burn fat.

Also, there are specific foods that are known help you burn fat. This is strange, but it’s true. These foods go a long to assist you in spiking your metabolism and then eliminating unwanted fat. If you’re serious on having a slim face, you should ensure to include the following foods into your diet.

• Turmeric or Curcuma

This refers to a yellow spice known for its anti inflammatory effects in our body. All you have to do is include them into your meal, either in its powdered form or cut into slice. You can sprinkle on your salad, fish, egg, meat etc. Personally, I prefer to use the powdered form as it is the most convenient.

• Tomato Juice

Amazed? I was too, the first time I discovered that tomato juice is a very good fat loss recipe. Scientist have revealed that tomatoes are effective activators of our metabolism for maximum fat burn. Experts recommend that this recipe be taken in as many meals as possible. As a rule of thumb, about 3 glasses of tomato juice is enough to help initiate and promote fat burn, even in the absence of exercise.

• Avocado

This is another perfect food for weight loss. It contains fats known as monounsaturated; that are effective in burning fat in the body. This oil has been discovered to help in boosting our metabolism and this it does by protecting the elements of our cells responsible for using free radical known as mitochondria to produce energy. You can add these foods to your salads or daily smoothie

Facial Exercises for a Slimmer Face

The face contains about 57 muscles and working out on these muscles help eliminate the fats around the region. As you consistently do the exercises, your facial appearance is maintained and made to look younger even at old age. Here are a few of the facial exercises from you can adopt:

• Eye Squeeze

This involves pulling your lips downward in order to tighten your face. Afterwards, pull the lips right ways, and for one second, squeeze one of your eye closed for about ten times. Do same for the second eye. This exercise is focused specially on the muscle below the eye while tightening and releasing.

• Jawline Roll

This involves puckering your lips while your face is tightened and move them right-ways. Place your jaw in a tense position and say “EW Charles”. The louder and forceful the sound made, the more effective it is. Obviously, the muscles involved here are those below the jawline. This exercise causes the tongue to form a circle in your mouth, thereby working the jaw by the resistance produced.

• Tongue Press

To get started on this workout, place your tongue on your mouth’s roof, behind your teeth. Afterwards, tightly press your tongue to close your mouth‘s roof and make the humming sound “mh mh mh”. This humming sound complements the whole exercise, targeting any form of sag underneath your chin. Repeats twice, in 3 sets of ten.

If your face ever feels like its carrying an excess of weight, there’s no need to worry. The above listed nutrition and exercise tips will get you started on how to lose weight in your face and achieve a slimmer face.




How to Slim Your Face Naturally

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2 thoughts on “How to Slim Your Face Naturally

  1. The only real, healthy and permanent solution to lose face fat is definitely lose weight in all your body. I though of making a surgery but then it came to my head: what if I fall on the wrong hands? What if I don’t get the results I want? Better follow the natural process.

  2. Never thought of using curcuma on my food, always chose ginger instead. I’m kinda sick of it’s flavor so I might try curcuma one day. I hope it does the same effect! I use it on every soup, salad and fish to give it a special and healthier touch. I can say that avocado has a peculiar taste but in the oven, cut at half with an egg on the middle, it’s pretty tasty, healthy and satisfying.

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