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Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

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Webster’s Dictionary

emer·​gen·​cy | \ i-ˈmər-jən(t)-sē  \
plural emergencies

Definition of emergency

1an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action
2an urgent need for assistance or relief the mayor declared a state of emergency after the flood

Sometimes, such as in the case of an accident, we can’t prepare for an emergency.  But, when it comes to certain things, like tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes,  floods, extreme cold or heat, we can be prepared to make things easier and safer in their aftermath.

Welcome to our Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page

We live in Florida, are we are now officially into our 2nd month of the 2022 Hurricane Season.  I’m old, and I’ve been through a lot of hurricanes and tropical storms. Sometimes the outcomes are not pretty.  Sometimes they are devastating.  Being prepared can help to “slow the winds” so to speak.  Preparedness is important no matter where you live, or what natural disasters frequent your area.  Here are some things that I think you might want to consider.

Man in outdoor gear shoveling snow.

Puffer Hug – Packable Cozy Wrap for Chill Situations.

This isn’t something that we would particularly need here in hot hot Florida, but if you are in a colder clime, this wrap could be very useful – in emergencies, and to keep more comfortable in winter! It’s a great size, light-weight, comes in 3 color combinations, and they are a company that “gives back”!

Puffer Hug

About Puffer Hug

“Made with love, the Puffer Hug® is more than just a fashion accessory. It’s a cozy wrap with deep outer pockets, designed to feel like a warm hug from your favorite person. This stylish wrap is perfect for men and women – now kids too! Worn as a scarf or folded over and draped down your chest, the Puffer Hug delivers extra style and warmth all year-round.


It all began when lifestyle expert Meredith Sinclair’s two sons were younger and wanted to make gifts that were meaningful & useful. The catch was they needed an idea simple enough for the kids to create, while being something that would be cherished by family and friends. They happened upon a wrap pattern that could easily be made out of fleece. After some thought, they decided to call it a HUG, because that’s what the kids really wanted to give … a big, warm hug.

Meredith’s story became the inspiration for the Original Puffer Hug®! Today – and with your help – we plan on spreading joy, love and HUGS around the globe (that would be 21,614,068 Puffer Hugs!) and use profits to improve the lives of kids in need.


Puffer Hug is proud to donate 15% of online sales towards improving children’s mental health programs. Together, we can bring greater awareness on children’s mental health. These programs help fund research on developing new treatments as well as educate and empower both families and communities to better understand and care for the mental health of our youth to create lasting change.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

First Aid Supplies

My Medic™

No matter where you live, accidents will happen.  Having a well equipped first aid kit is essential in emergency situations.  Keeping one in your home, car, and place of business is important!

My Medic

About My Medic

“Our mission is to empower people with the skills, knowledge, and supplies to save lives.


My Medic was born after a tragic car accident took the life of a loved one. Lack of equipment, proper training, and a long wait for emergency medical services to arrive led to an unnecessary death.

Our goal at My Medic is to prepare you with the equipment and training for the unexpected emergency.


Life can be dangerous. Whether you’re at home, in your vehicle, or out on an adventure, our products are ready to perform when you need them most.

Our first aid kits are stocked with the highest quality gear, convenient features, and speciality tools that you won’t find anywhere else. Experience Elevated First Aid.”

My Medic – MYFAK

With the MyFAK you will have access to everything you could need from blister or cut protection to bleeding and breathing all in a ruggedly durable and easily accessible pack.

“Over 100 first aid and trauma supplies
– Includes supplies for bleeding, airway, burns, hydration, meds, sprain and fractures, topical, and more
– Snag resistant zipper
– Grab and go design features a velcro tear away panel
– MOLLE system compatible
– Compact kit is small, water resistant, and lightweight
– Contains over 45 essential first aid supplies
– Fits easily in backpacks or carry-on
– Convenient grab handle, pull tab, and front mesh pouch

Keep a MyMedic kit handy in the car, RV, backpack, or jobsite and tackle your day confident you’ll always have the right supplies at hand.”

Starting at $50″

My Medic – Zzips

Most of us are NOT able to stitch up a wound, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t effectively close up a relatively simple cut. Check these out!!!

“Take care of minor cuts without ending up in the dreaded ER, with Zzips!

Zzips are the latest first aid essential available from the experts at My Medic, and are a doctor-recommended alternative to painful and costly stitches.

Simply stick, pull, adjust, and heal!

Zzips Highlights:
Alternative to sutures, staples, surgical glues, and adhesive strips
Closes wounds, cuts, and lacerations
Pain-free application
Less invasive than sutures
Minimizes scarring
Closes wounds within minutes
Compact and portable
Avoid expensive ER visits

Keep Zzips stashed in your first aid kits or car for easy wound closure when you can’t get to the doctor.”

Starting at $11.21″

Injured dog having it's leg wrapped in gauze

My Medic – Pet Medic

Our four legged family members can get injured too.  Being prepared for them will give you peace of mind.

About My Medic Pet Medic

“A compact and portable all-in-one First Aid Kit for common injuries to dogs and other pets, because your four-legged friend can get hurt, too!

Use as a grab-and go kit
Use as a supplemental module to boost your first aid kit or bug-out bag”

Starting at $16.67″

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Two men in jackets and hats starting an outdoor fire

5 Second Fire Starter by Pull Start Fire 

No matter what the climate, or the emergency situation…you may need to start a fire for several reasons.  Pull Start Fire makes that process EASY and QUICK!

Pull Start Fire

About 5 Second Fire Starter

The easiest way to start a fire!
• No Matches, no lighters
• No Kindling
• Burns 30 minutes
• Lights Wet Wood
• Windproof (200+ mph)

Necessity was the father of invention.

It started when Inventor, Mike Beyrodt did what he loved to do. He went camping.

He and his friends, Ryan and Zach were in Snowshoe, West Virginia where it was a rather frigid -22 degrees outside. And there, in the snow, they were having a terrible time lighting a fire. Mike and his buddies joked that, where starting a campfire was concerned, there should be ‘an app for that’. In this day and age, they should be able to ‘push a button’ and poof, there’s fire!

When the trip was done – and all were home, Mike endeavored to actually invent something that would do precisely that. Something that would easily start a fire with frozen or wet wood, in any weather. Something that made starting a fire as fast as it was easy.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok


Hydro Flask

Staying hydrated is important at all times, but is really essential in emergency situations.  Hyrdo Flask makes it easy to carry your hot and cold beverages in style. They have Bottles, cups, jars, coolers, outdoor “kitchen” needs, and more!

Hydro Flask

About HydroFlask

“We make thoughtful,
beautifully designed gear that moves people.
Towards nature. Towards happy.
And towards each other.
Because life is an adventure
and we’re glad to be with you
for every step, sip, and smile along the way.
Come on.

Let’s Go. And when you do, our gear will be there to make each and every outing all the more amazing. Today is wide open. And we’re up for anything. #HeyLetsGo”

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube 


Sun Oven

I worked with Sun Oven YEARS ago, and I’m still thrilled with the Sun Oven that I received.  Works on warm or cold days!

Sun Oven

About Sun Oven

“SUN OVENS International manufactures two types of solar ovens that are widely respected around the world. Since their introduction in 1986, these ovens have cooked millions of meals, baked countless loaves of bread and saved millions of tons of wood.
Diverse peoples use SUN OVENS® around the world for many and varied reasons. SUN OVENS® have been adopted by everyone.”

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 



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  • These gift ideas are great and very essential for preparedness and emergency in this kind of situation!

  • I am so glad that I don’t have to deal with Hurricane prep any longer. It was never fun to do. We always filled the bathtubs up with water in case we needed drinking or water to flush the toilets. Must have batteries for flashlights and a way to cook meals.

  • We need always to have a plan and a guide in case of emergency or difficult situations like hurricanes. So I would appreciate a lot to receive some of these articles as a gift!

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