Who’s Style’n?  Anyone who is shopping for their holiday outfits from SEARS!

Who’s paying the bill?  We’ll it won’t be you, if you’re the winner of the Sears Holiday #styleSurprise Sweepstakes!

Leap’n lizards – if I won the $5,000 in SYW (Shop You’re Way) points, I’d be the Bell of the Ball – for sure.

I’ve been a long time SEARS shopper.  Shoot, I’m so old, we use to shop the SEARS catalog for all our Christmas gifts.  As kids you would  longingly peruse the pages, looking for the best toys, and as you grew older…the most fashionable clothing.  We would send in our orders (no email then, you had to fill out an order form and mail it in, or take it to the nearest store), and then wait for what seemed liked forever for our goodies to arrive.

New school clothes, Easter bonnets, that perfect Christmas dress – red velvet with a satin bow.  Now don’t be getting smart alecky with me, cause I’m not old enough to have used the previous year’s catalog in the out house!!!!!

Now today – if I had $5,000 Smackaroos, I’d be shopping online, in the comfort of my home.  Sipping hot cocoa, with Christmas carols playing, and the fireplace…”fireing?)  I’d be picking out sweaters, and scarves – and straw hats for my trip to Cancun.


Oh – and purses – gotta have purses…and sandals!

Aren’t these adorable! They could be worn on the beach, or to a fancy party.

And you know what?  All these fantastic fashion pieces are really reasonably priced!!!!!

Visit SEARS for more everyday fashion inspiration!

This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.
Sears Holiday #styleSurprise Sweepstakes – And  I Got My Outfit at SEARS, Too!
Sears Holiday #styleSurprise Sweepstakes – And I Got My Outfit at SEARS, Too!

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