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Oh, yes, I like my men smooth…and they can stay that way by shaving with Gillette Razors.

The  Gillette Flexball Razor with Gillette Proglide, comes in manual and power, for a #SmoothSummer shave.

My husband is smooth shaven, and so are many of the men in my life.  Let me tell you about one of them.

Larry 1 Edited
Our Soldier #SmoothSummer #CollectiveBias

 Larry, is the father of my oldest grandson.  He’s a Captain in the United States Army…a Signal Corps Officer and Company Commander for a Brigade Signal Company.  His unit provides world-wide deploy-able data, voice and video services for a Combat Aviation Brigade.  As the Company Commander, Larry is responsible for the health, welfare and morale of the Soldiers within his unit.   Company Commanders plan, coordinate and resources collective training (squad level and above) for their  unit.  The Commander is responsible for ensuring individual Soldier’s readiness.  Signal Soldiers are required to be physically fit, proficient in their basic warrior tasks, and able to deploy and provide communications support in any environment.  The Company Commander is also responsible for the operational readiness (maintenance) and property accountability of all of the unit’s equipment.

Larry edited
Our Soldier armed and ready. #SmoothSummer #CollectiveBias

Years ago, when Larry told my husband and me, that he had joined the Army, we were not thrilled (this is an understatement, for sure). We knew that this would mean that he would be taking his family wherever he was assigned, which meant being away from them for long periods of time.  This also meant the he would definitely be in harms way at various times.  We consoled ourselves by repeating over an over again…it’s just for 4 years, it’s just for 4 years.  Little did we know that he would choose to make the Army his career.

Larry has advanced through the ranks, and done his units proud. In 2005 he  was the NETCOM (Network Enterprise Technology Command) Soldier of the year and he competed in the FORSCOM (Forces Command) Soldier of the year competition.

The Soldier of the year competitions start at the local unit level and include Soldier Boards. The boards vary by unit but generally include standing before a board of Senior Noncommissioned Officer in your dress uniform answering questions about unit/Army history, army programs, general military knowledge. Soldiers are judged on knowledge and military bearing and appearance. Competitions also include marksmanship, land navigation, Army Physical Fitness Test, and testing on Army Warrior Tasks.

His deployments have included:
  • Serving  in Regional Command East (RC-E) in Afghanistan, working as a communications advisor for Afghan Security Forces.
  • Serving in Baghdad, Iraq,  supporting logistics for an Expeditionary Signal Battalion.
  • Serving in Tikrit, Iraq, as a Platoon Leader for a Signal Company supporting base communications.
His first deployment to Iraq was 15 months, 2nd deployment was 12 months and Afghanistan was 9 months, for a total of 36 months.
Larry's Homecoming 2013 Edited
Happy Homecoming #SmoothSummer #Collective Bias

We’re very proud of our Soldier, and are so very very grateful that he, and so many others, work diligently to keep our nation safe, and to provide assistance for the people of other countries, who are in need of our assistance and aid. We also salute his wife, son and mother, for their sacrifices and support of their husband /father /son..

Did you know member of the United States Army, Air Force and  Marine Corps. are required to be clean shaven (except for limited exemptions for religious accommodations and some medical reasons)? At this time, all branches of the US Military prohibit beards for almost almost all recruits although some mustaches are allowed, in some cases.   Policies prohibit beards for  hygienic reasons and safely reasons.  Facial hair can interfere with a good seal for chemical weapon protective masks.  An official position states that “uniform personal appearance and grooming contribute to both  discipline, and a sense of camaraderie”.

To help keep Larry clean shaven, I went to our local Walmart and picked up some shaving supplies for him.  He will be receiving a gift basket with a Gillette Flexball Razor, and other special goodies.

(That’s my crazy clean shaven husband in the photo below, along with one of our beautiful daughters! Photo Bomb:-)

Glette Flex Ball Razors at Walmart
We found the Gillette Flex Ball Razors at our local Walmart. They were in the personal hygiene section near the pharmacy. #SmoothSummer #CollectiveBias


For easy shaving, head on over to your Walmart and pick up some Gillette Flex Ball Razors!

Gilette Flex Ball 1 edited
Find the Gillette Flex Ball Razors – Manual or Power – at your local Walmart #SmoothSummer #CollectiveBias

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22 thoughts on “I Like My Men SMOOTH – Gillette Flex Ball Razors

  • I know several servicemen who would love to test drive the Flexball- we love Gillette razors in our home; I even borrow the other half’s razors from time to time!

  • My husband has the same clean shave issue with his face mask for firefighting. Thank your son for his service.
    I’ll have to check these Gillette razors out. Thanks

  • Thank goodness for your clean shaven military men. This razon is amazing my son and husband are using it now and love it.

  • I much prefer my husband’s face to be smooth when he kisses me. I hate that scratchy feeling.

  • I did not know this about the military! I am sure a good razor is really important to them! This one seems great.

  • My husband has a beard and mustache because he gets razor bumps. As a US Army solider myself I totally know about clean shaven and I might have to tell a few of my soldiers about this, maybe they might enjoy using it.

  • Thank you to all that serve our country and keep us safe! I have tried this razor and really is great and gets a smooth shave.

  • Please thank your soldier for his service, we are all in his debt. My boyfriend uses an electric razor but I’ve thought about getting this for him as a backup.

  • Thanks to your soldier, and the family! What a life to live!! This looks like a great product – my husband would like it!

  • That Flex Ball looks pretty cool… I knew that being clean shaven was a part of the military, but I never stopped to think that they couldn’t have beards. I thought the rule only applied to your head, but now that I think of it…you don’t often see military men with beards.

  • I didn’t know servicemen had to be clean shaven! How interesting! Sounds like a great product 🙂

  • love ’em smooth too! beards or mustache gives me pimples so Hubby always sees to it he is clean shaven. will check out Gillete’s new offering.

    Congratulations for a great grandson!

  • I was hesitant about trying this out before, but I think I’ll give it a whirl.

  • My hubby has to go to the barber to get shaved with an old fashioned razor because his sensitive skin gets razor bumps otherwise. The Gillete looks a lot less scary that the barbers razor.

  • My husband loves Gillette! Please tell Larry we thank him for his service!

  • I love gillette as does my husband, it’s the best.

  • Love a clean shaven guy! Thank goodness for Gillette & my Mr. And thanks to all the servicemen and women serving our country and keeping us safe!

  • You must be so proud of your son! What an amazing career and so many successes to celebrate. I’m so thankful for him, and the countless others like him, that are willing to sacrifice so much for my freedom. #client

  • Bless your soldier <3 Tell him thank you, and that we are so grateful for everything!

  • I agree, love to kiss a smooth face rather than a stubbly one! Will have to check these out for the hubby!


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