I’m  late, past due, behind…whatever phrase you want to use.
I’ve been struggling – with medical issues, fibro fog,
and I’m so very very sleep, but cannot sleep.
Top that off with headaches…and then yesterday I think that I broke a toe.
For all I know, I fractured my foot.
I’ve got a toe that’s black and blue
and my foot is very very swollen.
My balance is getting worse, and my depth peception is way off.
Yesterday I was walking into my office/spare bedroom,
with my grandson in tow.  I misjudged
and  plowed into the door jam, instead of going
through the doorway.
Corey’s eyes flew wide open, and his jaw dropped.
It made such a loud SNAP, when my foot hit the corner
of the door.  Bless his heart, I think that
I scared a couple of years growth out of him.
For a moment, it hurt all the way up through my
teeth, and I couldn’t breath!
He’s been so good – walking the dogs, 
and fetching ice packs, being an errand boy.
I’ve decided to keep him, so head’s up Steph
you’re baby isn’t coming back!
Give me a few days, and maybe I can start getting caught up.
I’ve got reviews and giveaways to post,
so stay tuned.
T and RedHeadedRiter – hopefully your packages
will get mailed on Saturday morning:-)
I'm Behind

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