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I have an association with the ScrapRack and Totally Tiffany.  I have posted reviews for their products in the past, and will be posting more reviews in the future.  I am also a loyal customer of the ScrapRack and Totally Tiffany.  I have received no monetary compensation for spreading the word about this free challenge opportunity.


So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the ScrapRack and sign up to join the Free Fall 2014 Get Organized Challenge.

You all KNOW that I love love love all thing TIFFANY, and I’ve taken this course myself.

Join live, or watch the recorded videos at a time that’s convenient for you.

(Psssst – can you keep a secret? Keep you eyes peeled, for an upcoming review and giveaway for some BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW PRODUCTS  from the Totally Tiffany lineup from the ScrapRack – here on Libby’s Library! There will be extra entries available each week for those who join me in the challenge!)

Tiffany organiazation class

The Get Organized Challenge is the perfect way to focus on getting (and staying) organized.  Join organization expert,  Tiffany Spaulding, for a series of 8 online  “challenges”.  She’ll take you step by step through getting your craft supplies organized.


No matter if you have a ScrapRack or not, Tiffany will walk you through her system and share ideas of how to organize your stash, with items that you have on hand.


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7 thoughts on “Join FREE Fall 2014 Get Organized Challenge

  • I love the idea of the Fall Get Organized event, however, I don’t have the time to sit and listen or watch a video about how to get organized. I have a sick (but getting better every day) husband who had surgery this month! He keeps me busy and so do the kids! I would love to join, however, I honestly don’t think I would follow through the whole thing. The bad thing is that I know how I am, and I sign up for something and then (in my getting older) I totally forget about it! I love concept and I enjoyed reading your review and information on the program. Also, I liked the little hint you threw in there about a giveaway with perks! Thanks so very much for sharing this with all of us and if I have the time later on, I will join! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  • I just found out that I will be losing my job in two weeks. Now I will have the time to get my house organized. This sounds good to me.

  • Thanks for sharing,this sounds great

  • I need this this is my unoffical New years resolution to get organized like I used to be Thanks for posting

  • I have not scrapbooked in years but I do like to do blogs online. I get so into it that I sometimes lose focus on other projects. I try to stick with the freebie fonts etc. But I love doing them.

  • Getting organized is such a challenge! For me, the real key is to toss, recycle or donate things I’m not using!

  • Im liking this room change, but I could get my daughter on board with doing something similar


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