Keep Your Cool with the MistyMate® MISTPRO 3™ Personal Mister

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Summer Time, and the Live’n is Easy… AND HOT. Our days are routinely in the upper 90’s and it’s been that way for a good 3 -4 weeks now. UGH, but never fear –  HOT WOMEN REJOICE.  The MistyMate personal mister is here to save the day!Keep Your Cool with the MistyMate Personal Mister

About MistyMate & MISTPRO 3™

MistyMate® is the world’s leading manufacturer of consumer mist products. Founded in 1989 with the invention of the world’s first pressure operated personal mister, MistyMate® was the first company dedicated to emerging as the leading brand in the newly founded industry we call “mist cooling”. Today, MistyMate® has expanded its scope to encompass a varietal product line while remaining faithful to its commitment to produce unparalleled never-before-seen consumer mist products

The ultraslim, lightweight and highly versatile MISTPRO 3™ is the hand-held personal mister of tomorrow – delivering premium performance and continuous ultra-fine mist on command.

Don’t let the small size fool you.  This is a serious little gadget. Although is fits neatly into a purse, diaper bag, or even a small satchel, it works really well.  The super fine mist is extremely refreshing on even the hottest of days.  It looks pretty awesome too.  The MISTPRO 3™ comes in 3 different colors: Laser Blue / Carbon Grey / Aurora Green.

And get this – no batteries needed.  No charging needed.  It’s pressurized via a handpump…

…at the push of a button it propels an ultra-fine mist that provides temperate climate control in high heat conditions. MISTPRO 3™ forces pressurized air and water through its specialized misting nozzle, atomizing liquid H2O into microparticles that flash-evaporate and dramatically cool the surrounding air temperature up to 30°F.

With a fluid capacity of 3.0 oz. (88.7 mL), the MISTPRO3™ incorporates the latest in design, materials and performance to deliver the most elegant and exceptional “mist cooling” experience.
Use the MISTPRO 3™ to control your climate with unparalleled style.

People, you just don’t know what a game changer this is for moi….I’m still a hot mama, but I’m not in flames, thanks to my MistyMate® MISTPRO3™.

Head on over to MistyMate and see all that they have to offer, from person misters, misting systems, cool apparel, and accessories. MistyMate can help you enjoy your summer more, by taking the heat down a notch and kicking up the fun!

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