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Laminate Doors: Important Things to Know About Them

Regardless of the setting be it professional or home, a great-looking door is sure to leave an impression. Doors are very important to a building’s overall appearance and so it is equally important that nothing goes wrong with them. Their security function can also not be overemphasized.

With so many designs, styles, and types of doors in the market today, it can get quite confusing. One kid on the block that happens to be getting a lot of attention these days is the laminate door.

This door type is made with a technology that is different from the technology used for traditional doors. And so there are a lot of questions that come up concerning them.

Hence, this article is dedicated to explaining some of the most important things you have to know about laminate doors.

How is a Laminate Door Produced?

A laminate door is produced through a manufacturing process known as lamination. This process involves producing material by laying multiple layers on it. The finished product therefore would have a very high level of sound insulation, stability, strength, and appearance.

In the case of laminate doors, resins and flat paper are pressed onto the door’s surface and then solid fillers are then fitted tightly on it to further reinforce it. Fiberglass and melamine are also sometimes used to manufacture them. The fillers ultimately will have no space within them and so water cannot get stored in between. The door’s frame is mostly made of wood.

Laminate doors are not to be confused with their veneer counterpart, although they are similar in some aspects, they are a lot different. You can read this article to find out the differences between veneer and laminate doors. Because artificial materials are used to make them, the variety when it comes to pattern, design, texture, and colors is quite vast when compared with veneer.

Reasons You Should Get a Laminate Door

Laminate doors offer several benefits that make them perfect for any setting you can think of. Some of these benefits are…

1. Affordability

Surprisingly, they are very economical. This is especially true when they are placed in comparison with veneer doors. However, since there is a wide range of laminate doors in the market, some would range higher in price than others. Despite this, they remain more pocket-friendly than hardwood doors.

If you are looking to put new doors in a whole house then this should be your best choice.

2. Durability

Aside from them not being 100 percent wood they are also multilayered. This provides them with a level of strength that wood cannot offer. They also have resistance against even the slightest bit of moisture; this is due to the airtight nature of each layer.

Aside from all these, they also happen to have resistance against scratches and heat. This makes them a great choice for the kitchen and household with kids who find scratching and drawing on just any surface the best pastime.

3. Maintenance

If you have seen a laminate material then you clearly must have seen that it is low maintenance. You can easily clean the door with a slightly damp cloth. Even accidental stains can be easily cleaned just by using door cleaners. Although, if your door is white then you may need to take more care of it, you can visit–cabinets-clean to find out how to do this. The low-maintenance nature will keep your door looking new even though you’ve had it for years.

4. Variety

We have mentioned the varieties that are available when it comes to laminate doors several times now. They are artificially produced so it is only expected that there is a lot of options when it comes to their color and even texture. Other door types are available in only a few shades, but our star door is not subject to this kind of limitation.

Therefore, you can get any texture or color you desire.

5. Hygienic Properties

We kid you not; these wonderful products have some hygienic properties. How? Remember their high resistance against scratches and moisture? This also makes it impossible for bacteria to proliferate them. So they are antibacterial.

Their anti-static properties also make their surfaces less susceptible to dust, making them way more hygienic than other door types.

6. Fully Finished

They come fully finished so you do not need any special laminate door finish before installing them. If you decide to repaint them, it would not be because you need to but because you simply want to.

Cons of Laminate Doors

This article will be incomplete if we fail to mention this. Because no matter how excellent a product is, there must be some downsides to it. Below are some of the major cons of laminate doors…

  • Recycling them is almost impossible.
  • They may clip at some point because the material is brittle.
  • They are not easily repaired.
  • If any part gets bad, the entire door has to be replaced.
  • They may release formaldehyde which is volatile.
  • They may not look exactly like wood regardless of if the quality is high or not.

Final Words

Laminate doors have become quite popular in current times. Therefore, there are a lot of questions surrounding it. This article discusses some of the very important things to know about them like how they are made, their benefits, and some disadvantages.

Laminate Doors: Important Things to Know About Them

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