Whether you’ve grown up in the inner city, the suburbs, or the countryside, there’s probably been some point or another when you’ve wished in earnest that you could live beside the sea. It’s not hard to see why. Perhaps you’ve had a particularly pleasant summer getaway and have thoroughly enjoyed strolling along the promenade. Maybe you can’t think of any better feeling than the wind running through your hair and the salt spray from the sea cooling you down in the sun’s midday rays. You might even just long for the feeling of sand between your toes as you gaze out of your grey city apartment’s windows. The thing that most people don’t realise is that all of these things are within relatively easy reach. Beach houses are out there, waiting for you to show an interest in them. So, if you fancy kicking back and settling into a seafront property, here are a few things to bear in mind.

Life's a Beach! Kitting Out a Seafront Property


Now, when it comes to looking into beachfront properties, location is everything. If you’re a relatively private person, you’re going to want to avoid a property that lies slap bang in the middle of a street facing a popular tourist destination. You may think that surely all beaches are going to be thriving with tourists during the warmer months. Admittedly, you will have at least one or two people exploring any beach at some point or another. But there really are some beautiful, but more remote locations. This means that you can have a beautiful view of sand, waves and rocks without having to deal with excessive noise, footfall and traffic from passersby.

Life's a Beach! Kitting Out a Seafront Property


When it comes to looking for furniture for a beach house, there’s plenty of choices. After all, it’s your property, and you can do exactly what you want with it. However, there are certain styles of furniture that gel better with the beach type property. You want something that is functional, yet gives off the air of laid-back serenity. Make sure that your main pieces of furniture (such as chairs, sofas, drawers and so on) are all signature pieces that stand out in their own right.

Colour Scheme

Again, you want stylish serenity for your beach house. So stick with light and airy tones. Generally, we’d recommend sticking with cream or off-white walls. These ensure that the interior space feels open, spacious and fresh. You can then add a touch of colour with your appliances and decorative features such as cushions, curtains and lampshades. If your property has a pastel exterior (which is common for beach properties), you can continue this theme throughout the expanse of the property.

Follow these simple pieces of advice, and you’ll have kitted out your beach home perfectly before you know it! While you will want to put your own spin on things for a personal finishing touch, sticking to these rules for the basics will ensure that the final result isn’t overwhelming or garish.

Life’s a Beach! Kitting Out a Seafront Property

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