Disclaimer:  I have received items from LulaRoe Darlin Molly in exchange for review and advertising.  I’ve also purchased from them and will continue to do so. All thoughts and words in this post are those of the writer, who was not paid to endorse it. Only personal opinions are voiced about the product.

So what is it about these clothes that have women swooning?

As for me, I LOVE the brand and have been wearing their clothing for a couple of years now.  It is so awesome to be able to shop online, and have clothing delivered to my door that I KNOW WILL FIT. I find that their pieces are comfortable, stylish and reasonably priced.  A limited number of items are created from a specific lot of material, so chances are, you won’t run into anyone else wearing the same outfit.  I’ve had no issues with the quality – but I’m careful about laundering per their instructions. It’s pretty basic.  Wash and hang to dry.

The key to great shopping with LulaRoe is to KNOW who your are buying from.  I have several consultants that I shop with, but one of my new and absolute favorites are a couple of gals who own LulaRoe Darlin Molly. Now, I have to confess…one of the girls grew up with my girls and her mother was a dear friend.  Having said that, they offer a great place to shop…and what I love about them is that the offer a wide range of sizes.  I’ve noticed that it’s becoming a trend for many consultants to only offer smaller or larger sizes of clothing (and also, to only offer a few of the styles)…but women come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s wonderful to be able to find a wide variety in one place! Enter Darlin Molly.

LulaRoe Darlin Molly


Who doesn’t love a bargain.  Many consultants rarely or never offer discounts on their inventory.  Not Darlin Molly.  Just follow along and you can find great deals.

About the Women Behind Darlin Molly

LulaRoe Darlin Molly

We are Sarah and Becca and we make up the LuLaRoe partnership Darlin Molly, LLC. We are sisters- in- law that have became really close, especially after last year when tragedy continued to hit Sarah. Her Mom passed in March, and then she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer herself just a few months later. We had discovered how important living life on our terms was and we discussed a few times how fun LuLaRoe clothing and the retailers that sell it are. After a couple of meetings to go over the details we decided to JUMP in full force in September 2017.

We knew this new commitment would be something special and we wanted to honor our parents by naming our company in remembrance of them. Sarah’s mom Cindy, was a true Southern Belle who naturally called those around her “Darlin”.  Becca’s dad rarely called anyone ever by their real names, so he nicknamed Becca, “Molly”. The flow of the 2 together was perfect, thus Darlin Molly evolved!

We have been enthralled with the culture and excitement that embodies helping women find their must have “unicorn” prints, and realizing how empowering and special the connections we build with our customers near and far are. We get an opportunity to meet people we would have never met had it not been for this fun adventure and we look forward to meeting and serving even more families in the future.

My favorite styles are the Carly and the Shirley. I  have a closet full.  The have a fantastic flow and due to the cut of the hem, I never have to worry about showing more than I want to…especially when I bend over!  The Shirley is the perfect “topper” to go over a Carly or any of the tops that LulaRoe has to offer.  They team well to dress up any outfit, but are just as at home with a pair of jeans or, of course,  the signature staple of LulaRoe – One Size and  Tall & Curvy Leggings.

LulaRoe Darlin Molly
“We all want a cute dress that lets us breathe and move easier, so we are excited about the Carly – a swing dress that flatters the best parts of a feminine physique. The Carly comes in a wide array of fabrics, prints, and washes and has some amazing features such as a patch pocket, a flattering high-low hemline, and cool open sleeves.”
LulaRoe Darlin Molly
“In a word, the LuLaRoe “Shirley” kimono can only be described as ethereal. Long, flowing and boasting a dreamy angel sleeve, the kimono comes in the prettiest patterned chiffons, laces and haccis. Whether you’re poolside and wearing the Shirley over a swimsuit, or have layered it over a beautiful dress, you’re sure to be giving off those movie star vibes. Own it!”

Check out the entire collection and then head on over to Darlin Molly and join the group for loads of Fashion and Fun!


LulaRoe Darlin Molly

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  1. Oh my goodness I am loving the sound of this clothing range, that second top as well with all the detailing and the flowing look I NEED IT IN MY LIFE! Do they ship to the UK?

  2. The kimono looks so lovely, I can already think of an outfit that would suit is very well. The dress looks comfortable and I love the pattern.

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