Why are Dubia Roaches the Best Crested Gecko Food? Crested Gecko

Crested geckos are one of the popular reptile pets that were once believed to be extinct. Re-discovered in 1994, the craze for geckos as household pets has increased ever since.

Before researching what constitutes crested gecko food, let’s understand its origin.

Origin of Crested Geckos 

The crested geckos are native to New Caledonia, a semi-tropical island near Australia. Also known as eyelash geckos, they derived their name from the pointed crest that runs from over their eyes and neck up to their back. They are low-maintenance and easy to pet, and thus, are great for beginner reptile owners.

Why are Crested Geckos Easy as Pets?

  • They grow up to 8 inches, including the tail, so a 20-gallon vertical container is enough for them. Make sure that the tank is taller rather than broader as the crested geckos live in trees. Also, offer plenty of trees/ plants for climbing and hiding.
  • The perfect range of humidity for them is 50-70%. So the terrarium is to be misted if you live in a dry region. You need to, however, water the living plants in there.
  • They are straightforward to handle. Though the newly acquired reptiles should never be handled and must be given time to settle in the habitats, these are very receptive to being held after a few weeks. Keep the sessions short, but the worst that can happen is a nip on your hand to tell that they want to settle in their cozy homes.
  • They also enable easy feeding. As geckos are omnivorous reptiles, they can feed on powdered diets of dry foods containing insects and fruits for proteins and vitamins. The ingredients are mostly eggs, whey protein, mango, bananas, apricots, and crickets.

But amidst this, they often miss their killer instincts. That is why it is recommended that you opt for periodically feeding on the reptile feeder insects. Here comes the need for dubia roaches.

Why are Dubia Roaches the Best Crested Gecko Food? 

Dubia roaches are excellent crested foods to keep the lizards healthy and happy. The little bugs are packed with nutrients. Some of the reasons why you should consider dubia roaches as your gecko’s ultimate food are –

  1. Dubia roaches contain more nutrients than the commonly used crickets. These roaches are around 23% protein-rich as opposed to the 15% protein content of crickets. In addition to that, the dubia roaches are also quite filling and ideal as nutritious lizard foods.
  2. They cannot fight back, so your lizards will have to face no scratching or biting when they feed on these nutritious foods.
  3. The roaches are helpless creatures. They can’t walk up the vertical walls, and although they have wings, they don’t or can’t fly. If the enclosure is secured completely, you don’t have to worry about them escaping.
  4. They can live for years, and so if you cannot breed them, you can purchase a few dozens and store them in an enclosure to feed the pet. They can survive at room temperature, and there is no requirement of misting. Hence, there is no need for special care.

These are some of the reasons why dubia roaches make the best crested gecko food that is high-quality, mineral-rich, and enough to keep your reptile pals healthy.

Why are Dubia Roaches the Best Crested Gecko Food?

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