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Making More Of The Living Spaces With These Inspired Ideas

When it comes to our homes, we tend to want to decorate the exactly how we see fit. Unless you have big moves to move from one place to another fairly regularly, when you are in your home you want to try and add your personality and own stamp on the place, am I right? The truth is, that we can all feel the desire to decorate our homes, and make spaces in our home such as the living areas, look desirable and fabulous. We are proud after all of the home we have. So I thought I would share with you some of the inspired ideas that you could try and implement into your living spaces.

Making More Of The Living Spaces With These Inspired Ideas
Dressing your home with the seasons

One of the first things you could consider doing would be to take inspiration from the seasons and dress your home accordingly. This could be done in a few ways. Yo could think about the colors a season represents and then add them to your home in different ways. Maybe a new cushion or soft furnishings to a living space to make it feel different. You could think about things like ornaments, adding fresh flowers as a symbol of spring and summer or just adding new details to celebrate events like Easter or birthdays. It can be a fun way to inject personality into your home.

Changing the color scheme

Another thing that could be very simple but could have an effective change on your home is looking at a different color scheme. It can be quite easy to change cushion covers and add different elements of colour without painting the walls and going for drastic changes. Websites like Deconovo have a great selection of items that you could use to inject color into your home. Many people get a little bored with their decor, but of course, don’t necessarily have the time, the energy or the money to change things completely. So this can serve as an excellent compromise.

Adding new key pieces of furniture

Furniture is another way to make a living space feel different, so if you are wanting to add some changes then investing in key pieces like new sofas or furniture like coffee or side tables can really make a room feel very different. This is when the style of furniture you choose can be a great indication of the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Making More Of The Living Spaces With These Inspired Ideas
Creating a different floor plan

Maybe you like the idea of a different floor plan for your home, and an extension could be the way forward. While it may be one of the biggest investments you can make to your home, if you have the space to do it, an extension can really give you the space you need to spread out and enjoy your home. It can add open plan living to a kitchen or living room area, making it a more versatile and family orientated space.

Changing the use of a room

Sometimes we seem to confirm to how a room is supposed to be used. Maybe when you were buying your home the previous owners used a particular space for eating and another for living, and so you perhaps do the same. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that way. You can choose to do things differently. Use your home how it will work for you. If you prefer to have a room used differently don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

Adding more storage solutions to create space

Consider adding more storage solutions to your home to make your home feel bigger and less cluttered. Storage for things like children’s toys, magazine, and books can help to make a home feel tidy and clutter free, while still giving you the access you need to those things you need in your home. Thankfully, websites like Pinterest are full of ideas on how you can add different storage solutions to your home, or to feel inspired on how you could use redundant space more effectively.

Bringing the outside in

Finally, don’t be afraid to bring some of the outside in to your home and add a new inspiring look to some of your living spaces. Adding house plants, flowers and greenery in the way of succulents can actually help to bring a more relaxed vibe into the room. A lot more people consider plants in their interiors, and they can become great design features.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration to make more use out of your living spaces in your home.

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