Making Sure The Maldives Mindset Doesn’t Touch Down When You Do

The vacation buzz, otherwise known as the ‘Maldives mindset,’ can be a fantastic way to refresh and let go of weekday stress. It’s a pretty amazing transformation, and many of us are sure that we’ll bring that new, positive outlook home with us.

But, then, we touch down, and the Maldives mindset evaporates like the waves we no longer have access to. Just like that, the lessons you learned during your two weeks or two months of vacation therapy will flee in place of the uptight mentality you had before you went away.

This can be a devastating reality that makes wellness back home incredibly challenging. But, it needn’t be this way. Countless travelers manage to keep their Maldives mindsets strong for weeks or even months after their return, and we’re going to look at how they do it.

# 1 – Focus on the feelings rather than the place

Most importantly, you need to remember that those feelings you had while away came from within. Sure, that Maldives beach probably made it a little easier to tune into your inner voice, but so what? That voice and those relaxation capabilities are still with you. So, get into the habit of tuning out and reconnecting with that calm vacation mindfulness at least once a day. If it helps, put on the sound of waves in the background, then close your eyes and enjoy the benefits of reminding yourself how to truly relax no matter where you are at the time.

# 2 – Bring back more than just souvenirs 

Discovering new cultures that sit well with us can also help us to feel more at ease while we’re away. It may be that the late eating habits of the Spanish helped you to chill out, or perhaps you couldn’t get enough of that Latino music. Either way, bringing back snippets from each culture could see you changing potentially bad habits at home. It may be that you take lessons from the Spanish, and embrace more social family evening outings. Or, perhaps you want to bring back a taste of Greece by making the time to learn more about this Calamari dish that’s sure to take you straight back to that ocean-side restaurant. As well as helping you to recreate vacation memories, these small gestures can serve as decent reminders to stay in that relaxed mentality for longer.

# 3 – Keep a few days free when you get home

If you’re back to work or other commitments the day after you return from being away, is it any surprise that your Maldives mindset deserts you within a few hours? You might not even remember being away after a heavy return like this! Instead, keep that relaxation alive for at least a little longer by leaving two or three days free when you return. Then, you can ease back into your real-life and, hopefully, hold onto at least a touch of the Maldives mindset as you get into your regular routines.


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  • Great advice! I’ll try to follow the tips on my next vacation


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