Whether you or one of your closest friends has just had a new baby, there is no doubt that you will want to mark this very special occasion. New parents, especially, try to find as many ways as possible to celebrate their newborn as there really is no experience quite like welcoming your first baby into your family home.

There are lots of ways to mark this marvellous moment, but here are some of the best.

Collective Coins

Did you know that you can buy special gold and silver coins that come with cute designs and patterns on them? These are collective coins but they don’t just serve a decorative purpose. They actually have a monetary worth too. Some mints will release special commemorative coins to mark a special occasion. For instance, whenever there is a big occasion in the British Royal Family, such as a coronation or a marriage, the British mint releases some limited edition coins that people can buy. It’s a good idea to look for some commemorative coins that could be used to mark your newborn’s birth. For example, you could get some coins that commemorate a momentous event that occurred during their birth year.

Personalized Photo Frames

Another nice idea is to get some personalized photo frames. There are now lots of companies that sell photo frames and give their customers the chance to get messages engraved on them. You might want to engrave the baby’s name and its date of birth. These will be a great way to display your cute baby and family pictures! If you get some special silver photo frames, they will make a nice keepsake that the baby can keep once they grow up.

Mark The Arrival Of A Newborn With These Cute Ideas

Soft Toys

Babies and toddlers love soft toys and teddy bears, so you might want to get the newborn a cute plushie that they can have by their side throughout their childhood. Some shops will be able to personalize these soft toys for an extra special touch. If you want to really treat the new baby, you should buy them a well-known make of teddy, like a Merrythought or a Steiff. These will be quite expensive, but they might increase in value over the years so will be a very worthy investment for the baby.

Feet And Hand Prints

Another nice idea of a keepsake is to get some cute hand and feet prints done while your baby is still very small. These are very easy to do if you just want to use paper and paint. You just need to get some suitable paint that you can cover the soles of the baby’s feet in and print them on some paper. This can then be framed. It’s also possible to get feet and handprints made into pottery. Most ceramic companies offer this service.

So, how do you think you will commemorate the birth of your newborn? Hopefully, one of the above ideas will have given you some inspiration. It’ll help you remember this precious day forever!


Mark The Arrival Of A Newborn With These Cute Ideas

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2 thoughts on “Mark The Arrival Of A Newborn With These Cute Ideas

  1. These are good ideas! I know someone who has kept the Steiff teddy bear they were given. I like to make things, and I have made personalized teddy bears that come out pretty cute, as I put a fabric flower headband and pantaloons or other appropriate hat, and embroider their name on, too.

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