A destination wedding is any wedding that you will have away from your hometown. It could be domestic or international but nonetheless, it will require your friends and family to travel. Choosing the perfect venue for a destination wedding is considered a big deal because of its expensive proposition. However, you can save quite some money if you have the right booking tips & tricks up your sleeve. Even a savings of 10% on your catering bill can save far more money than a 10% savings on your veil.

After the engagement, when your focus shifts towards your big day, only then it hits you that weddings are really expensive. Flipping through bridal magazines quickly makes you realize that your optimistic budget cannot bring in all the satisfaction you initially desired. If you feel your wedding budget is slipping out of hand, there is another exciting and affordable option – Destination Wedding. Before trying to save any money, consider answering some of the prominent questions.

* What kind of venue are you are interested in – indoors or outdoors?

* Where do you want the destination wedding to take place? – international or domestic

* Have you figured out the budget? What is your budget like?

* What is the availability of the venues that you are interested in?

* Are you willing to combine two venues?

As per a survey, an average couple spends over $35,000 on home weddings. Whereas the cost of destination weddings has remained under $10,000 for almost a decade. It is safe to assume that if you are planning a destination wedding, you are already on the right track. A destination wedding can be the most beautiful and glorious option for your big day. Here are some expert money-saving tips for destination weddings –

Consider All-Inclusive Resorts

Try booking an all-inclusive resort for your destination wedding. They act as a one-stop shop and offer many discounts and incentives. All-inclusive resorts are the best solution for saving money and sticking to a budget. All these resorts include food, flowers, cakes, recreation, scenic location and many more typical things which you generally have to pay for.

There are different wedding packages offered by all-inclusive resorts. As far as these packages go, you can choose a free wedding package or a one that costs you extra thousand dollars. Many of these resorts offer a free wedding package when you bring in 20 – 30 people into their resort. Some people still think all-inclusive resorts offer dishonest schemes but that’s not the case anymore. In fact, weddings at resorts are now considered to be way more classy and sophisticated. Here are some quick tips to help you book the best all-inclusive resorts

* Be clear about your requirements – Finalise the destination you will be visiting and the duration of the stay. Also how many family members will be staying in the resort.

* Compare prices – Start looking for resorts which offer best wedding packages. Take a look at their websites and compare their prices. Know about their packages to find the best resort that works for your budget.

* Check reviews – You can find many genuine reviews on websites like Yelp or even the resort’s own website. These reviews can give you a general idea of what quality of service to expect.

* Watch out for hidden charges – Your budget can be messed up if the resort tends to include hidden charges. Make sure to clarify about all the charges before booking so you do not fall prey to any such scam.

Hiring a local Destination Wedding Planner

You have already taken the first step if you have decided to have a destination wedding. Now you do not have to stress about finding perfect venue or worry about any other bookings. Get in touch with an experienced wedding planner who can help you pin down the best Destination wedding ideas.

You might think that a wedding planner may put a hole in your pocket but there are many professionals who are pocket-friendly. It is best recommended to hire a wedding planner who is a local as he will already have knowledge about local destinations and will have an affiliation with other vendors. You can save quite some money as your local wedding planner will get you the best deals & discounts.

Saving On Honeymoon

As you will be already traveling to a destination wedding, why not skip the extra airfare cost and opt for a honeymoon package at the same destination. If you want a change in scenery, you can honeymoon at a different resort in the same destination.

Money Saving Tips For Destination Wedding

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