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My Top 25 Gift Ideas for Mom | 2024


I’m a mom.  I’ve got 10 kids, 26 grand kids and 2 great grands.  I’ve received some great Mother’s Day gifts over the years along with some not so great ones.

I’ve compiled a list of gifts that have been given to me, or that I’ve bought them for myself over the last few years, that I do love.

I hope that you like them too!

My Top 25 Gift Ideas for Mom | 2024

I don’t mind receiving practical gifts.  They are gifts that keep on giving.  Here are a few favorites.

In The Kitchen

1) Air Fryers are all the rage and that doesn’t surprise me at all.  They can make quick work or getting a meal on the table, and if you get the right ones, clean up can be a breeze.  I use mine all the time. I actually have 2 that I use, and I love them both.  My go to air fryer is a single basket model is a single basket model, and is perfect for cooking a whole chicken, grilling a salmon filet, or baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

2) I’ll use my other air fryer when I want to cook 2 separate items at the same time.  One basket can cook and entree, while the other cooks the veggies!  This is a great option when I want something a little healthier that the rest of the family.  I can quickly cook my meal at the last minute and we can then all eat at the same time.


3) Electric Kettles are another item on my list.  I use my electric kettle just about every day, and in the colder months, I will use it multiple times each day. It’s fantastic for heating up water for tea or cocoa, and it also works great when I need boiling water right away, for cooking or cleaning.  I think it works even faster than my microwave.

4) I’m a baker, and one of the things that I make are Royal Icing Cookies.  I think the best thing I’ve purchase to help me with these is a food dehydrator.  It is a perfect way to help dry that icing quicker and keep them from being left out on a counter of table for a long period of time.  And of course, I can also you it for it’s original purpose of dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and meats!

I have a fantastic house cleaner, but she can’t be with me 24/7, so I appreciate items that help me to keep my house clean, when she isn’t around.

Around the House

5) Cleaning tubs and showers is the hardest thing for me.  I have had to have knee surgery on both legs, to squatting is difficult, and I don’t like climbing on step ladders (if at all possible), to reach high places.  A good long handled cordless spin scrubber with attachments really come in handy all over the house, for me and for my cleaning lady! It makes cleaning easier and faster.


6) A vacuum cleaner might not be on every moms wish list, but I actually bought one for myself last year.  A good vacuum will make your life a lot easier and your home a lot cleaner.  I’ve had several Sharks over the years and loved them, so I got another Shark Vacuum when we moved into our new home. It has all the attachments that I need, and it goes from bare floors to carpeting with the flip of a switch.

I like a little pampering now and then, but would rather relax and enjoy myself at home.

Spa Day Gifts

7) For me, a long soak in the tub is essential to my well being.  I have a small table by my tub, but I found this Bamboo Bathtub Tray Table that is a much better option.


8) Just for fun and for a little ambiance battery powered bathtub lights are inexpensive and make a long soak in the tub even more relaxing. They are a great gift for someone on a budget, but will surely be appreciated.


9) I want comfort when I’m in the tub.  I found that a neck pillow is the way to go.  I’ve tired quite a few of them, but even when they say extra soft, they seem rough and itchy.  I’ve gone back to a waterproof headrest back support cushion that works well and doesn’t itch. It makes it comfortable for me even when I soak for several hours at a time.


10) Having a big absorbent towel when getting out of the tub or shower is a must.  These HUGE oversized bath sheets have been a game changer!



11) Once I’m out of the tub, dried off, and into some comfy clothes, it’s nice to continue to pamper myself by spritzing my face with a good toner and then using some rich cream.  Since I’m usually still pretty warm it’s wonderful to pull out my skin care products from the mini fridge that I keep on my makeup table.  It keeps my products nice and chilled, and during the warmer months, I find myself going to it multiple times a day.  Spritzing cool toner is so refreshing. I love it so much, I bought one for my bestie for her birthday.


I love plants…I’ve got them all over my house.  These are items that have made being a plant mom even better.

For the Plant Lover

12) Plant stands have meant that I can have even more plants in my house and on my deck.  This metal plant stand works really well, and holds some pretty large plants.


13) For my deck, I like these assorted heavy duty plants stands for my deck.  The set has 5 rustproof stands that are of varying heights and will hold really large pots.  I use them for flowers, herbs and I’ve even got a pot that are full of onions. They come in three color options: White, Brown, and Black.



14) Orchids are beautiful, but the pots they come in aren’t.  This ceramic orchid pot set with saucer is almost as gorgeous as the orchids that go it in!


15) Speaking of plant pots, I’ve purchased several sets of these over the last year.  I have large windows with low sills, that run across the back of my home along the kitchen and living room.  These white plant pots with attached saucers are just right for filling my windows with greenery



I love pets, and at this time, I have a cat.  She adopted us last October, when she was about 4- 5 weeks old.  We believe that she was abandoned when someone nearby moved.  To be totally honest, this cat is a JERK.  She doesn’t want to be held or cuddled, she bites, and for periods of time each day, she goes into hyper drive and has the zoomies.  But I still lover her, and I get as much enjoyment out of the things that I get for her as she does.

For the Cat Lover

16) This cat of mine likes to scratch.  We have 6 different cat scratchers around the house, to keep her from destroying our furniture. This cat scratcher couch is the best.  She loves it and I’ve got to say, it is really adorable. It came with a second scratching pad inside of a box, a cat toy, and a cat hair remover.  Can’t beat that combo.


17) Another one we have is a more traditional combination perch and scratching post.  She rarely sleeps on it, but she will scratch the daylights out of it and will occasionally play with the attached  play balls.


18) I’ve had many cats during my life, but I’ve never had a cat that played with toys as much as Sadie does.  These very inexpensive cat toy pillows have been some of her favorites.


19) Another one is this rechargeable interactive cat toy.  I love that I don’t have to replace batteries.




20) I don’t mind cleaning her litter box, but all that litter she tracks around the house is no fun.  I found this giant super size litter mat, and it has made a world of difference.  It catches the majority of the litter so that I don’t have to vacuum my office every single day.



The last 5 items are options just for me.  The first 21-24 certainly won’t break the bank. Number 25 is a bit on the higher end of the budget.

Just For ME

21) I love chocolate, and one of my all time favorites is Ferrero Rocher…and the bigger the box the better.

22) Candles are a favorite of mine.  I love burning them, but I tend to save them because I don’t want to use them up.  I haven’t purchased this fun candle, but I’d love to receive one for sure.  It’s hysterical.


23) OK – this one is going to sound a little silly, but it’s my list.  I’m trying desperately to lose weight Sometimes I want to fix a meal that my husband and youngest daughter love, but it isn’t really on my meal plan (or I don’t want to use that many points on a particular day).  I found out that I can buy cans of Wendy’s Chili.  I can eat a whole can without blowing my days points and it’s really really good.


24) My daughter gave me her old Apple Watch.  I like being able to switch out the look of it.  Everyone that knows me knows that I do like me some bling.  This set of glitter diamond rhinestone protector covers are inexpensive and fun, and I just got complimented the other day.  The assistant at my Drs. office told me how pretty my watch was!



25) I’m trying to exercise more.  I have issues with balance, and I’m old and it’s hard for me to walk around my neighborhood, especially in the heat and humidity here is the south.  I got myself a Tony Little Elliptical Glider.  I got the Gazelle Sprinter model, and as much as I hate exercise and sweating, I’m coming to enjoy working out each day. It’s  a low-impact way to exercise.  I have it set up in my bedroom, and I try to walk every evening after dinner.  I can walk while watching a favorite TV show, and I’m slowly building up my time and distance.



There you have it…would any of these items make it to your wish list?


9 thoughts on “My Top 25 Gift Ideas for Mom | 2024

  • I could use so many of these for the house! My cats would love that kitty scratcher. They want a new one.

  • These are some great gift ideas. I know I’d love to have any of these. I would especially love to have any of those appliances.

  • I totally get the struggle of finding the perfect gift. I’m eyeing those air fryers and that bamboo bathtub tray table already.

  • These are all wonderful ideas. Those appliances look so modern, like the air fryers and the kettle. Nice to have some upgrades for our kitchen items.

  • These are amazing ideas, I love my air fryer, I make amazing meals with it. And the best thing are the chocolates

  • These are awesome! I would love to have those plant stands. I love plants and I could never have too many plants in the house or at the deck.

  • Thanks for compiling these ideas.. definitely a time saver.. will make it easier to decide what to gift..😊

  • These are some awesome gift ideas for Mother’s Day! I love my electric kettle; I use it for so many things. I also always love giving and receiving personalized things.


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