Gabe and I flew home together, after spending a glorious
5 days in the MidWest.

Here are Gabe and Ace, riding along together.

The photo above, is of Drake.
He lets the kittens rub all over him,
and he went for walks with us.

Leah getting feed for the goats, and a  few of the Guinea Hens.

Below is Mondo – He is a riot!
He sits under the chairs like this, all the time.
Here Ye Here Ye, Court is now in session.
The Honorable Judge Mondo, presiding! 

Gabe taking his CGC Testing.
We did two sessions, one with Leah, and then one with me:-)

Out in the pasture.

Can you see Lucy in the photo above?

I had such a wonderful time.
I learned how to milk a goat (and it ain’t all the easy – believe me)
and collected fresh eggs from The Girls.
I’ll try to get the photo’s from my phone uploaded soon,
and I’ll post more about the trip.

My Trip

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  1. Gabe looks like a wonderful dog. I hope you and he continue to work so well together and that he helps make your days easier.

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