Nine moms are going to Kenya with from July 23 – 30, 2011
Who are we? – From left to right —  
Cooper Munroe (The Motherhood) | Elisa Morgan (Fulfill Magazine) | 
Emily McKhann (The Motherhood) | Jennifer James (Mom Bloggers Club) | 
Jyl Johnson Pattee (Mom It Forward) | Karen Walrond (Chookooloonks) | 
Lindsay Maines (Rock and Roll Mama) | Rachel Fox (Coming Alive) | 
Shayne Moore (Global Soccer Mom)
Why are we going to Kenya? 
To listen, learn and share stories with moms from all walks of life. 
We’ll be blogging, tweeting, taking video and photos while we’re there! 
Be sure to follow the #ONEMoms hashtag and the Moms page.

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