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Summer is here! Warmer temperatures, longer days, and rapidly changing environments (trips to Hawaii, anyone?) will take their individual tolls upon your skin, especially on the part of your bare skin that is exposed the most to the elements. Your face. Your lovely, expressive, and (let’s be honest) fragile face. It’s the skin on your face that is fragile, and it takes the most damage. From the sun, from your environment, from sweat, from rain, even from just touching your face. It’s one of the first places where sunburns and discolorations occur, where wrinkles and age spots show, and where fatty deposits and drooping…anything…will be visible.

So, what to do?

Surgery is very helpful, especially in cases of severe injury and trauma. But traditional methods can prove expensive and extensive, even for facial areas that need work like the nose, cheeks, or even the neck.

Enter: Alternative treatments!

We are fortunate to live in a day and age where there are not only new discoveries pioneering cosmetic procedures but a slew of choices to choose and customize where needs are. What are some of these choices?


Any sort of smaller treatment tends to be better as it works on specific areas of the face without the long recovery time of traditional surgery. Enter: the Mini-Facelift. Just as it sounds. It is not the extensive, all-over surgery for older patients, patients who have suffered physical trauma like burning, or patients that experience extreme weight loss that leaves behind loose, sagging skin. As mini-facelifts are built around a patient’s unique needs, mini-facelifts are customizable, and new procedures and improvements come out often. Dr. Andrew Jacono of New York Center for Facial, Plastic, and Laser Surgery has developed a mini-facelift requiring far less recovery time than most surgeries, even other small-scale facelifts. His treatment which targets drooping tissue and skin in the face and neck requires no general anesthesia and is usually performed using local anesthesia. Dr. Jacono makes the incision along the tragus, the curve behind the ear, in order to hide the resulting scar. He then tightens the muscles without further cutting and removes excess skin and tissue, using fine, high-grade surgery sutures to close up the scars. This hides the incisions and reduces the recovery time. Dr. Jacono has several options for mini-facelifts, including revision facelifts, and a hybrid treatment for restoring and smoothing over the folds from the nose to the mouth, or nasolabial area, and the midface area.


Fillers are the far-less invasive, no scarring method to obtaining cosmetic results you want. Because they come in needle form, they tend to be used for small scale ‘jobs’, like wrinkles, fine lines, cheeks, even your nose. From Botox to Hyaluronic Acid, a component that hydrates the skin and occurs in your body naturally, fillers can also be used for lips, jawlines, under eye bags, and even the buttocks with no extensive equipment or anesthesia, a drastically shortened procedure time, and almost no recovery time. Perfect for every busybody, every hustle, and every schedule.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are another non-invasive, no cutting or poking, instant results procedure. There are several types of peels for whatever you want, from the removal of discoloration to reducing and eliminating acne, and every possible skin-related issue in between.

Perfect for younger patients, patients with sensitive skin, or anyone who hates needles and scalpels.


Microdermabrasion is an umbrella term for procedures that actually work at your skin, as opposed to a face mask or peel that is layered on your skin, then left alone to allow time to do its magic.

Microdermabrasion is favorable because it is a far less aggressive procedure that doesn’t take hours and requires very little downtime. From elevated exfoliation to multi-step facials and even a few lasers, microdermabrasion can be performed in a clinic or office and would not require extensive equipment or operating tables.


The future is here! Facial rejuvenation is no longer limited to spas and scalpels, and new, more specialized procedures of this nature come out seemingly every day. Lasers can be used for almost anything, from leveling your skin to smooth it out to eliminate discoloration and age spots, even to repairing and reducing some scarring or lines. Lasers are being used even as alternatives to surgery of all sorts, able to penetrate deep into the body without ever needing to make a single cut or injection. Micro needling, as suggested by the name, requires pricking, but very small, minor pricking upon specific parts of the skin to initiate collagen production, as collagen production is sparked when there’s an injury in the skin, in order to repair it quickly.

By making these incredibly shallow injuries upon your skin in specific patterns, the collagen that forms at the surface smooths, levels, and rejuvenates your skin.

The Right One for You Which treatment will you choose? Which works for you? Several more options have definitely popped up as you’ve been reading this blog. Additional consultations are useful, but we’re fortunate to have much information on these treatments readily available for our research and consideration. It’s most important to know exactly what you want, as well as what you have the time and money for. Write it all down or type it all down on a note in your mobile device of choice; sounds like a hassle for such a small thing, but it will help you. Remember that facial rejuvenations complement the good present in your face and should not make you look or feel stretched, artificial, or uncomfortable. Do what feels right to you, have realistic expectations, fully enjoy your results, and show it (or don’t show it) off to the world.


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