These little stickers go
directly onto the inside of your toilet bowl.
They last up to a year, and it’s said they
can keep your bathroom up to 85% cleaner.
Say no more!
Boy’s of all ages will be beckoned to hit the target.
My pack sample pack came with 12 stickers.
Three each of:
Yellow Duckies
Red Targets
Installing is easy…the hardest part is deciding
which sticker is going into which bathroom! offers a
How can you beat that?
A cleaner bathroom, 
a 100% satisfaction – money back guarantee, 
and maybe a laugh or two?
(There are some times when I would like 
to be a fly on the wall.)
Speaking of flies…check out’s
sister site HERE!

Thanks, for sending me a free package for this review.
This is definitely one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” products! -Something you won't mind being shot at in the house;-)

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