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Quick Renovation Tips To Add Value To Your Home

When adding value to your home it is essential to rightfully tick all the boxes while ensuring the cost does not outweigh the profit. There are plenty of ways to add value and boost the appeal of your property from major renovations to small improvements. The property industry is dynamic, as such you may need the services of professionals to know the value for your property and the right time to sell. Companies such as Spring offer a free home valuation, ensuring you will get the right value for your house without lifting a finger.

To Help you on your way, here are the top tips to add value to your home.

Update bathrooms

Bathrooms are a huge deal in a home and to maximize this essential space you can opt for some upgrades or a full bathroom remodel. They are a great place to add a touch of luxury with suitable lighting, to make the space seem brighter and larger, add a mirror or two. Replace existing sanitaryware, look at modern sink styles and make sure there is a shower in at least one of the bathrooms. These renovations will give the entire space a quick lift and bring in the wow-factor which is most sought after by potential buyers.

Deal and fix structural issues

Whether it is missing roof tiles, rising damp or leaky roofs, structural issues are a key concern for anyone imagining their stay in the house. To massively impact the value of your house you should deal and fix structural issues which cannot go unnoticed by the naked eye. Depending on the severity of structural defects, you can explore the DIY option or get the services of the professionals. It makes sense to first fix any defects in your property before carrying out any cosmetic renovations.

Refresh with paint

First impressions count and nothing transforms a house like a new coat of paint. Not only is it affordable and easy but you can do it yourself. You can, however, look to the services of professionals to get the most out of your painting. While you can do it yourself with relative ease, a professional paint-job can be levels above. When painting your house opt for neutral colors to appeal to the majority of potential homebuyers. Don’t just focus on the inside though – the exterior of your house deserves just as much attention!

Update flooring

Update your flooring by adding a homely feel; to make a huge difference to the smell and look of your home you should get the carpets cleaned. To make more of an impact you should replace the flooring as a whole. There are countless options to transform floorboards that are showing wear and tear: staining, resealing, lime washing, painting and so on. The goal is to revamp your house without having to spend a fortune, so utilize available resources to save you the cost.

Rethink window treatments

An effective way to transform the style of your home is by updating your windows. To add value to your home incorporate double-glazing which is considered essential by potential homebuyers. Window treatments provide a value-adding solution for each room in the house. Whether you have awnings, curtains, shutters or blinds, these options will give your house a facelift. Window treatments and makeovers can add a great finish to your house as well as add extra style and warmth.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to sell your house quickly some jobs can be done to your house to increase its value as well as make it more appealing. The above top tips are only the tip of the iceberg on how you can add value to your home and attract potential buyers. You can never go wrong with the above quick renovation tips and they will increase your chances of selling your house fast.

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