Regain a Complete and Functional Smile Again

When a person loses one or some of their teeth, they can experience a range of emotions which can contribute to a significant deterioration in their self-confidence and feelings about themselves.

They may feel less inclined to actively engage in business and social functions, or simply feel more self-conscious about their smile and as a result, will smile less. Smiling has been proven to improve a person’s mood, help them feel less stressed and become more productive and creative.

Socially, people who smile are seen to be more approachable and trustworthy, both necessary values for a person who is trying to succeed socially, romantically and in any business ventures that they are keen to be a part of.

On the flip side, bad teeth are not socially acceptable and people who have a not-so-perfect smile are actually seen to be less trustworthy, less intelligent and less healthy. So by investing in fixing any of these dental concerns, people are more inclined to share their smile which, when it is healthy, creates lasting positive impressions that can further stimulate progress in their life goals.

Dental implants in Bromley are a means for people who have concerns about the appearance and functionality of their mouth, if they have missing teeth, to regain confidence in their smile. Not only are they a natural looking replacement to one’s original teeth; blending in naturally to a smile in shape, color and size, but they are also fully functional meaning that people can eat and chew comfortably without concern.

They are a brilliant way for allowing patients to recover their smile again. As there is no upper age limit, people who present with vastly different concerns can be individually dealt with, as there is a huge range of different treatment options available to satisfy the needs of every patient.

How are they performed?

Dental Implants - Smile Again

A surgical procedure is required for the initial insertion of a titanium screw that is placed directly into the jaw. This serves as a replacement tooth root in which the natural tooth looking crown, or in the instance of several missing teeth, a bridge can be attached on to.

After a healing period of a couple of months, the metal screw will begin to fuse with the jawbone and surrounding soft tissues, to create a permanent and stable site on which the ceramic crown can be secured to.

This means that come the end of the procedure, a patient is able to use their new crown or bridge just like they treat their natural teeth. They can bite and chew with confidence knowing that these teeth will stay comfortably in place.

Options are also available for those who have worn dentures for many years. By using this technology to stabilize dentures, wearers can eat and speak with confidence knowing that their teeth will not accidentally slip or fall out.

They can be easily removed for cleaning, but when a patient clicks them in place with a series of connections onto the implants, they can rest assured knowing that they will stay in place until they are ready to remove them again. For more information, you can seek oral solutions from the Dentist in Las Vegas.

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