See Baby Grow – What a Great Idea!

I just found out about this company, 
and think that it is just about the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Here is the story behind See Baby Grow,
directly from the owner! 
See Baby Grow, LLC
A modern take on building a child’s story from birth.

It all began at that awesome moment when my son turned one month old!  I neatly typed up a sign that read: “I am 1 month old!” and placed it next to him while I started snapping away.  This monthly tradition continued throughout his first year of life, as I was blown away at how fast time really does fly.  As he became more mobile, his photo shoots were becoming a bit of a challenge for us.  I knew that there had to be an easier way for parents to document these extraordinary monthly milestones.  Soon after, See Baby Grow, LLC was born.

Our products allow you to track your baby’s growth over their first year of life–right from day one!  While capturing the itty-bitty moments of their life story, memories of a lifetime will be made together.

The SBG onesies have been our best seller since thus far!  The onesies are sold in a set of 12 or ½ sets of 6.  They are neatly packaged and will arrive ready for gift-giving.  Each onesie is printed with high-quality ink, allowing the onesie to be washed and worn again throughout the month.  Perfect for baby showers!

The SBG bibs are sold in sets of 12 and are made of 100% cotton.   Like the onesies, the bibs will arrive ready for gift-giving.

The SBG newborn beanie hats make the perfect hospital gift.  Instead of wearing the beanie given by the hospitals, newborns can proudly display their ages with our soft beanie caps.  The phrases are as follows:  “I am 1 day old!”  “I am 1 week old!” “I am 2 weeks old!”  and “I am three weeks old!” 

Our website, displays our products and a gallery of our little models.  Please stop by and check us out!  You can also find us on Facebook at:

Thank you,

Shannon Gevero

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cute items for the newest baby in your life!

See Baby Grow – What a Great Idea!

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