Simple Changes for a Better Life in the New Year

Chachacha Changes…
…Don’t have to be drastic to make a difference!
I’ve made it a goal to make some simple changes 
in my life, so that I can be healthier, feel better,
and look better.
In the past, I’ve always made huge New Years Resolutions,
that were so unrealistic, that there was no chance of my
keeping them.  Not this time around.  I’ve decided to set 
small realistic goals, with appropriate “rewards” when met.

First:  To lose 10% of my body weight. Once I make my 10%, each new
goal target will be an additional 10 pounds.
I hope to do this by losing
one to two pounds per week, by eating a little less fat, a little more
fiber, and consistently preparing a rainbow of foods.
Dark leafy greens, bright orange, red, and yellow fruits and vegetables.
More whole grains, and less refined starches.
Larger portions of fruits and veggies, and smaller portions of meats.
I don’t drink a lot of soda, but I’m going to try to cut that back even more,
and drink more water, fruit and vegetable juices.

Second:  To exercise a little more.  
I have two legs, which I plan to  use!
Walking will be my main form of exercise, but I hope to add some
swimming when temperatures rise.
I have indoor “equipment” for times when the weather in inclement.
This will be good for me and for my dogs:-)
Third:  To begin some toning.  
I have a set of small weights,  some
large rubber stretch bands, and a plethora of books on the subject.
I’m going to use the tortoise method – slow and steady.

Fourth:  I want to expand my mental and spiritual health, which I believe
can help with my physical health and well being. 
I plan to read more this year,
encompassing a larger genre of material. I plan to take some online courses,
and learn blog design.  More regular in-depth scripture study,
being more diligent in attending services, and trying to be of more
service to others, is a spiritual goal t
hat I’m going to pursue.

Fifth:  Accountability and Rewards, will be a must.  
 I’m not quite sure if I want
to post my progress (as in number of pounds lost) online,
or find a neighbor or blogging buddy… or maybe both.
I do plan to keep a food ,exercise, and growth journal.
Instead of dinners out or “food treats” I plan, to purchase a 
new outfit (including purse, shoes and accessories)
when each weight loss goal is met.

None of my goals are unrealistic.
None of my goals will cost a lot of money.
None of my goals are unattainable.
Simple Changes = A Better Life!

I am really looking forward to a brighter future.
A future that includes a heathier, happier me…
…physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Won’t you join me?
Do you have simple changes that you are making in your life?
Have you been successful, and have some tips for me?

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Simple Changes for a Better Life in the New Year

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