Show Someone They’re Special: Five Ways To Treat Your Loved One

We all have busy schedules, and it can be tricky to juggle work, a household, bills and other responsibilities with our social lives. But these are important, show the people in your life that they matter. When it comes down to it, the people in our lives are the most special thing so don’t take them for granted. Here are some of the ways you can show the people in your life that you really care.

Show Someone They're Special: Five Ways To Treat Your Loved One

Cook Them a Meal

Making an effort to cook someone a delicious meal is a fantastic way to show them that you care. You could find out what their favourite dish is and make it, or you could get a recipe off the web for something you know they would enjoy. To make it really special, make a starter and dessert as well as the main course, and pour some tasty drinks to go with it. Decorate the table and put on some soft music to really make an event for it. If you were doing a meal as a romantic gesture you could put on some low lighting or light some candles, otherwise, keep it as it is to treat a friend or family member. Carefully source the ingredients and take your time getting everything right. While treating someone to a meal in a restaurant is nice, making something yourself from scratch is an incredible gesture and a lovely way to show someone you care and thought about them.

Buy Them a Gift

Picking up a gift is a fantastic way to surprise someone. It’s not the same as ‘buying someone’s affections’ instead it’s just a little something to say hey, I saw this and thought you would enjoy it! It could be a silly, inexpensive token present or if it’s a special occasion, you could go with something really special. suggests that wine gift baskets are a good choice, if you want something sentimental, then jewellery works well. If you know them and their tastes well it could be perfume. Just go with something that suits them and their personality and the things that they like.

Flowers and Chocolates

If you don’t want to go down the route of a formal gift, giving someone flowers and chocolates is a good option. It’s a fantastic way to brighten up someone’s day whether for a special occasion or ‘just because’ and it doesn’t’ have to cost much. Florists are the obvious option, but grocery stores do beautiful bunches that don’t cost much so finding the perfect bouquet shouldn’t be a difficult. Again a box of chocolates can be as luxurious or inexpensive as you like, but either way, it’s the thought that counts and could be a lovely way to surprise someone you care about.

Write Them a Letter

In this day in age of instant communication, it’s so easy to keep in contact with people with a short Facebook message, an emoji via text or a Tweet. The art of letter writing has become something of the past, but it doesn’t have to be since this is a lovely way to show someone you care. You could let them know all of the reasons why you care about them, let them know they are loved and appreciated and generally speak about how you feel in a way that you wouldn’t over an instant message. This is something the other person could keep and treasure, and would be a lovely thing to look back on in years to come. Write a rough copy first and then write it out neatly on beautiful stationery. Either pop it in the post box or hand deliver it to them, it’s something that’s bound to bring a tear to the person’s eye

Spend Time With Them

Finally, spending time with someone in person is an excellent way to show they mean something to you. Set time aside in your busy diary just to be with them. You could go out and spend the day together, or you could just sit at home in your pyjamas watching Netflix with them. Stay off your phone and just enjoy the time with the person you care about. This can often be far more valuable than any gift, and it costs you nothing. If you’re not able to spend time in person, at the very least pick up the phone or launch a Skype chat. It’s not the same, but it’s certainly better than a text message or ‘like’ on social media.

Show Someone They're Special: Five Ways To Treat Your Loved One


Show Someone They’re Special: Five Ways To Treat Your Loved One

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