Making The Home More Welcoming For Guests

Our home is a place which is not only for us. Although we are the ones who spend the most time in our homes, there are also other people who will sometimes come and visit our home throughout the year. If you have a new home or you are new to hosting, there are some pretty simple things you can do to make sure that your Home is welcoming and warm for everyone who visits you.

1. Clear Clutter

When we are living our day to day life, we likely won’t notice those little bits of clutter which appear now and again in the home. If there is a letter here and a cable there, it doesn’t really matter and we often don’t bother that they are there. However, when you decide to host some people in your home, it will be as though the rose tinted glasses have lifted and you will see the clutter for what it really is. Take some time to clear things away in the rooms if your Home and also think about throwing some of your old things away. Decluttering can be an annoying job, but every so often it can do your Home the world of good and you can enjoy a clear and tidy home when guests come over to visit or stay.

2. Clean

Once you have tidied away the clutter from your Home and you have got rid of your old things which you no longer need, it is the ideal time to start thinking about cleaning the house. Of course, you will clean your home every week or two anyway, but when a guest comes it is nice to just make sure that those nightly little jobs are all done. For example, you can start by cleaning away any dishes you have by the sink and make sure to give it a quick spray and wipe. Clean the toilet, add a gel freshener and give the bath a rinse. It’s things like this which will be noticed and it will make a difference in the way your home feels when people come to see you.

3. Centerpieces On The Tables

If you have a table in the kitchen or a table in your dining room and living room, one thing which can make a difference immediately is having a centerpiece. This can be anything from a photo frame to some flowers from Camelback Flowershop. It might not sound like it will impact the space but it will add some color and character to the area and make it feel much more like a home than a house. You can have some fun with your centerpiece at different times of the year, and in the winter you can place some battery powered lights into a vase and have it lit up in the middle of the table. Remember that you don’t need to spend lots of money on a centerpiece, and you can even pick flowers out of the garden if you like!

4. All Senses

One of the easiest and best things that you can possibly do to make your house feel like a home is to bake up some treats and let the smell permeate the entire space. During the winter months especially, there is nothing better than being able to walk into a home and smell chocolate cookies or gingerbread men cooking in the oven. If you are having people over, time your baking so that you are cooking them in the oven just before they arrive. It will immediately make a talking point as your guests enter the house and it will make your home feel warm and cosy right away.

5. Get The Fire On

For during the autumn and the winter, one of the best things that you can do for your home in the evening is to get the fire roaring. If you do have a fire, turning this on can not only warm up the house but it will also give that feeling of cosiness to the space. You will be able to enjoy that orange glow instead of bright lights and it is the perfect way to relax with your family or friends. You can also think about lighting some candles if you don’t have a fire to give a similar effect which will look amazing and make the home smell great at the same time!

6. Get Sentimental

There are many things we will receive during our lifetime from family members and from our friends, and we often end up putting these items upstairs in a cupboard and forgetting about them. If you want to make your home truly feel like a home though, you need to get these out of hiding and put them on display. The quilt your grandma made you can be sitting on the sofa: your family photo album can sit on the coffee table: and any gifts you’ve received over the years can be put on display for everyone to see when they visit. This is a great way to ensure that your house feels lived in and that it feels loved.

7. Let In The Light

Light offers a huge benefit to our homes and it is incredibly important that we take the time to bring light into our living space. For example, you can think about replacing your chunky curtains in the living room for a pair of vertical blinds instead. It will look so much better immediately and you will have much more light and life coming into the home. If you think about your ideal home, it is likely a spacious, open plan and filled with huge windows to let in the light. As humans, we don’t like to be completely boxed in, so having the light and a great view from the outside is a wonderful thing which will look and feel awesome.

8. Get The Drinks Flowing

One of the ways you can become a master host or hostess from the off is to keep the drinks coming. When your guests arrive in the house, make sure that you ask them if they want a cup of tea or a coffee, and if the visit is in the evening you can offer them a bottle of beer or a glass of wine instead. The whole thing about being a great host is making sure that your guests are well looked after and that they are happy throughout their visit. A drink is the most simple thing in the world to give and you will be able to keep everyone comfortable and happy by simply keeping them flowing.

9. Nibbles

Where there are drinks, there always has to be food alongside it. When you have people over at any time of the year, it is always a good idea to bring out some food to nibble on during their visit. It can be anything from biscuits to crisps to pitta bread. You will know what kind of food to bring out depending on who is visiting and how long they are planning to stay with you. Just think about something easy and something which can be left out on the table for a while without going bad. On an extra note, if your visitors have pets, make sure that you keep some dog treats in the cupboard too! This will show the owner that you truly care and it will make them feel at home in your house.

10. Slippers

For a comfier evening in with your family or your friends, ask them to bring along a pair of comfy socks or slippers. Asking them to ditch the shoes and bring something more comfortable will immediately allow them to relax in your Home and not have to worry about ruining your floors with their shoes. Ditch the shoes at the front door and make sure that they can come in and be comfortable from the word go. Of course, in the summer it is too warm to wear slippers, so instead, you could provide a cheap pair of flip flops for them to put on as you sit in the sun!

11. Display Your Art

Whether you have children or you live alone with your partner, the act of hanging art on the walls can immediately make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the home. You will be able to have as many pieces of art as you want on the walls and these will add characters colour to the space right away. If you are good at art, you can hang your own painting and sketches as well as your children’s work too. Your house will feel like a family home and it will offer a great talking point for everyone who sees it.

12. Photographs

Alongside any artwork that you really love, it is always a good idea to hang up some of your favorite family photos on the wall. You can either buy a large collage frame and fill this will photos, or you can simply hang smaller frames in different areas of the home. Having photos together in the house will allow your guests to see who you really are and it will offer a great talking point for you too.


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