Finding The Perfect Foundation For Your Skin And Beauty Needs

You may have a dry skin, an oily skin, or an acne-prone skin. Whichever of those you have, finding the perfect foundation for your skin may be quite tough. If you visited a drugstore for one, you may not necessarily find samples. If you do make a purchase and returned home with the foundation you bought, you may just realize that the color on your face looks totally different from what you expected it to look like. Say you actually shopped at a department store or even Sephora and you tried the foundation on before buying it, you still would need to ensure you are choosing the right formula for your skin.

Therefore, to help with this challenge of finding the perfect foundation for your skin and beauty needs, here is an easy guide for you;

* Go for formula that is designed for your type of skin

When you want to make a choice of which foundation to buy, do not just go with what is written on the product, because beauty jargon could be quite confusing. Rather, what you should do is to choose the foundation formula that works best for your skin; If you have a face that is usually dry, choose a liquid foundation or stick foundation because it will be creamy and have moisturizing properties that will suit your dry skin. If you have an oily skin, pick a powder foundation that will absorb the oils and excess shine, leaving you with a matte finish. There are lots of good foundation for large pores and oily skin. For those with combination skin on the other hand, it may seem difficult to choose the right foundation and handle it properly but that depends on where the foundation is applied on the skin. With combination skin, a powder formula or foundation is advisable because it can be lightly applied over dry spots and heavily applied over oily patches.

* Use  foundation to the fullest and in the most effective way

If you have chosen the shade and formula of the foundation that’s best for your skin, then the next thing to do is to know the ingredients so as to get the most out of the foundation. That’s called “making the foundation work overtime”. For example, if you have an acne-prone skin, you should use a formula that has zit-fighting salicylic acid as one of its ingredients. If your skin is dry and flaky, you should choose a foundation that is infused with serum because it helps your skin remain moisturized. If you do not wish to use SPF (protects the skin against the sun) before applying the foundation, then choose a foundation that has SPF in it.

* Decide on the coverage you want

The level of coverage you want can be light, medium or full. If you want your freckles to still be evident after your makeup, then light coverage foundation is the right choice for you. If what you want is an airbrushed look, then medium coverage foundation is what you should go for. Full coverage foundation is for covering everything on the skin, e.g. when you have acne.

* Check the veins on your wrist to know your skin’s undertone

If the veins on your wrist are olive, it probably means you have warm undertones, however if they are bluish or purple, you have cool undertones. Blue-green veins indicate neutral undertones. When you know your skin undertone, then you can choose the shade of foundation that best complements it. For warm skin undertones, yellow-based or peach-based shades are great. Yellow shades are good with neutral skin undertones too while pink-based shades work well on cool undertones.

* Test  foundation shades against your jawline

If there is an  opportunity when buying foundation, dab some foundation on your jawline under natural light. This will help you know how the foundation blends with your face and neck. Ideally,  foundation should disappear into your skin. You can take it a step further by trying out multiple colors on your face side-by-side to see which shade is best . That way, you can make a better decision.

* Buy your products from stores that have liberal return policies

It may be safe to find out if there’s a return policy before buying the foundation. That will become handy if the product doesn’t work out for you. Stores like Sephora have policies that allow shoppers return opened makeup

8 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Foundation For Your Skin And Beauty Needs

  • I always have a hard time finding the right foundation for my skin. I will have to test on my jawline and hope that helps.

  • Being in my 50’s I have a hard time finding the right foundation. I do test on my jawline but for me I need a foundation that does not make my fine lines and wrinkles more visible.

  • I’ve tested on my wrist but that doesn’t usually match. I will have to try my jawline.

  • This is such a great, helpful article to me! Ive been wanting to expand my makeup wearing for awhile now! I just look like a clown when I try. With these great tips I shall try again!

  • I’m still overwhelmed with foundation but these tips are a good start, thank you!!!

  • I have such a hard time matching up shades in the drugstore, I have to go to a place where I can try it on, I match my foundation to my chest to make sure I am a uniform shade.

  • I fall I to the dry skin category for sure especially during the colder seasons. I look for foundations that will give me the full coverage but not too much cakeness. I go for a natural glow when it comes to foundations. I love this guide for all women to take a look and keep in mind a few tips. It helped me out!

  • I have really dry skin during the colder months and wearing foundation is usually not an option. The foundation flakes really bad. Thank you for the great tips! Will definitely keep them in mind the next time I buy foundation!


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