Holiday Bokeh with Red Ornament -2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone

2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Something Fun for Everyone

Welcome everyone, to our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Something Fun for Everyone. Check out all the awesome products below.  Come back often as we will be adding throughout the season.  Beautiful Touches has received these items from brands, as gifts and from family and friends, or have purchased for this years gift giving.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged. Any opinions are those of the author.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Something Fun for Everyone

Amber Towel from ABMERWAVE Fashions

Big Soft Luxurious – It’s a towel, it’s a blanket, it’s a robe/hoodie…it’s everything you need for the beach or poolside! Available in White, Sunset Orange, Navy Blue, and Ocean Blue. Get one for each member of your family.Wear Your Towel! Carrying towels is a thing of the past with the Amber Towel, a beautiful wearable hoodie towel for the beach, pool or bathroom. With Amber Towel, instead of carrying one or multiple towels to and from your outing, plus a bag for personal belongings, you simply wear it and put your precious items in the pockets, keeping your hands free. Put it on, throw the hoodie over your head and dry off fast.


Wear Your Towel! Carrying towels is a thing of the past with the Amber Towel, a beautiful wearable hoodie towel for the beach, pool or bathroom. Put it on, throw the hoodie over your head and dry off fast.”  This is one of the coolest things EVER. So big, and soft…feels totally luxurious!


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Great Boots for Guys and Gals.  I have family in Upstate NY (BRRRRRR), and they are thrilled with Lugz – great quality – great looks – great price!

LUGZ Boots - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone


Always an innovator and leader in footwear, Lugz first made a name for itself in October of 1993, bringing its first line of boots to market, with the initial product consisting of two styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans.

Soon Lugz was endorsed by key players from the world of hip hop and has continued to do so through out the years. One such collaboration led Lugz to breathe life to a whole new category of footwear with the introduction of the first ever celebrity-endorsed “Funk Master Flex” urban driving shoe. This was only the beginning as support then lead to a collaborative line with hip-hop superstar Bryan “Baby” Williams, aka “Birdman” with his own series of sneakers and boots.

In 2006 Orange County Choppers, the world’s premier builders of custom motorcycles signed on to endorse Lugz shoes, which they were already wearing so it was a natural fit. With its aggressive “built for the city” reputation Lugz collaborated with Paul Teutul, Jr to create a signature Lugz shoe “the Torx” which interpreted this incredibly well.

In the fall of 2008 Lugz shot on to the Mixed Martial Arts scene signing its first two MMA fighters, Lyoto Machida and Houston Alexander as endorsers. Machida captured the title of UFC Light Heavyweight Champion as he represented Lugz. With MMA becoming the fastest growing sport/entertainment platform with an increasingly growing fan base, Lugz was excited to be apart of this growing trend and later signed Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. In 2010 Cain Velasquez became the newest endorser of Lugz.; immediately after signing, Cain fought to become UFC World Heavyweight Champion.

In 2011, Lugz continues to grow its Team – signing UFC Welterweight Josh Koscheck and UFC Light Heavyweight Phil Davis.
From its inception, Lugz footwear has been an innovator in the footwear market from its signature styles, to creating trendsetting styles beyond boots and has added casual shoes and athletics to the mix for the Lugz men, Lugz women and Lugz kids lines.


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ABCmouse – Early Learning Academy

I can’t say enough good things about this online subscription.  The price is incredible, and you get “so much more than what you pay for”!


ABCmouse - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone


Give your child a head start with’s full online preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade curriculum—games, books, songs, and more! offers a full online preschool through 2nd grade curriculum, with more than 10,000 interactive learning activities and more than 850 lessons that teach reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music. Our goal is to make learning fun for children, while giving them a head start for their future academic success.

Our goal at is to stimulate young children’s interest in learning and build a strong foundation for their future academic success. We provide a comprehensive, interactive, and engaging online curriculum for early learners that is intended to supplement preschool through 2nd grade programs —all in a highly imaginative and safe online environment.

Games / Books / Songs /  Puzzles / Art / Printables /  Progress Tracking AND SO MUCH MORE!

ABCmouse - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone

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Ghost Paper

Clean crisp notebooks, and stationary…perfect for those who want to take pen to paper.

Ghost Paper Products - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone


Ghost Paper* is a new type of notebook.  Instead of printed lines, all structure is embossed/debossed, allowing for a faint rule that disappears in direct light.

For more information, contact [email protected]

*patent pending

Learn More and Shop Ghost Paper: Website 


Fun SOX for the entire family.  Every design but the kitchen sink.  Great for White Elephant Swaps, Secret Santa, and just about any gift giving occasion.Happy Pop - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone

At Happypop, we mix happiness and popularity into our great and funky socks. We’ve fallen in love with our socks and we hope you will as well.
Happypop was established in a small design studio by a group of young bloods in 2014. Our design team surprises even the most enthusiastic sock fans with the sharpest, and funkiest designs . With a creative eye for design and keen instinct for business, we quickly grew out of the small studio to several offices nearby. Today, thanks to our professional manufacturer and the sophisticate design team, we’ve grown incredibly fast over the years and have become renowned worldwide.

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Broc Sprout 2

When you want those extra nutrients!

Broc Sprout 2 - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone


BROC SPROUT 2 is a Whole Broccoli Sprout capsule containing the two essential components necessary for the production of Sulforaphane: the naturally-occurring Myrosinase enzyme and the Glucoraphanin compound. Hence our name, BROC SPROUT 2.

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If you are (or you know someone) who is obsessed with diaries, journals, padfolios, etc., you must check out SohoSpark!.I doubt you could beat the price-point and quality!




We want to inspire people to take charge of their own story through the power of personal writing. To that end, we make writing products that are beautiful, practical, and personal.

Delivering practical beauty at affordable prices. Writers Journals: Refillable Faux Leather Journals with Lined Paper.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop SohoSpark: Website | Facebook | Instagram | About SohoSpark


My Infinite Agenda

Another great source for those who are planners!  Gorgeous presentation, quality paper, and great layout! Choose your favorite size.

My Infinite Agenda - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone


My Infinite Agenda is an elegant and dynamic vision-board planner designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. We know that what you focus on – you attract – which is why we know that your goals and dreams are merely a pen-stroke away!

My Infinite Agenda was born after a decade of friendship, with the purpose of making a difference in people’s lives…

Ten years ago we followed our hearts to New York City to pursue graduate education and careers in opera. Little did we know that fate would lead us to meet, become best friends, and realize our highest ambitions.

We both had the mindset that anything was possible. Our secret weapon began with our belief in the power of positive thinking. We had always loved inspirational quotes, and discovered that for years we had both created annual vision boards.

Fast-forward 10 years, we were both in the midst of performing careers, and feeling a call to have a greater impact on the world. Over a balmy NYC summer evening, the idea for My Infinite Agenda, our ‘product with a purpose’ was born. We set out to create a tangible offering—something that would emanate goodwill infinitely outward, and ultimately resonate long after any note we had sung had evaporated in to the air. It became clear our mission was to spread positivity, and to give people hope where it may have gotten lost.

Today Raquel can be seen on Broadway as Carlotta Giudicelli in Phantom of the Opera, and Katie is a professional singer teaching voice at Fordham University.

As artists, we have come to know the strong power of positive thinking, and finally we want to share this knowledge with the world. So we married the most effective parts of our personal agendas to our vision boards to help you channel the positive, focus on your goals, and realize all your dreams. The best part is your positive action ripples outward for a portion of the proceeds of each agenda purchased go to charities making a difference both locally and worldwide. With My Infinite Agenda, when you seek to champion your own life, you are also lifting up others, thus creating an infinite ripple effect of positivity.

We believe that what you ask for, focus on, and work toward, you will receive. So here’s our challenge for you today: If you could ask the universe for anything, small or big, what would it be? What if you had nothing to lose? There are infinite possibilities out there waiting to be invested in, explored, and realized.

We are thrilled to start this journey with you! The first step is to imagine the life you want… and then build it. Start writing your destiny today!

Learn More, Follow, and Shop My Infinite Agenda: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Magic Ornaments

You can deck those halls with all the holly you want, but I’ll be decorating my tree with Magic Ornaments…Abracadabra, one minute you have a flat envelope of ornaments and almost as if by magic, in just a few minutes you have enough 3-D ornaments to decorate a Christmas Tree!

Magic Ornaments -2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone

ONE ENVELOPE Magic Ornaments™ are the solution to the problem of bulky, fragile Christmas ornaments.

ALL 40 ornaments, plus the ribbon, fit into ONE ENVELOPE! The patent pending Magic Ornaments™ collapse down flat in seconds. Made from durable plastics and cardstock, they will last for many years.

FOR EVERYONE Everyone, especially people living in apartments and businesses will be able to enjoy having a Christmas tree without needing any storage.

COMPARE A comparable, non-collapsing ornament set would require a bulky two cubic feet container!

SPECIAL FEATURE Because many sheets of the Magic Ornaments™ have a different color on each side, you can ‘change’ their color simply by turning them inside out. With their versatility, it’s like getting two ornament sets for the price of one, and the space consumption of none!

CONTENTS The Magic Ornaments™ set contains 40 stunning ornaments and 40 feet of beautiful wired ribbon, able to generously adorn most Christmas trees. There are two popular color themes to choose from:

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Magic Ornaments: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Wrap Buddies

Make all your holiday wrapping easier!

Wrap Buddy - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Something Fun for Everyone

You’re busy. Especially around the holidays. Too many things demanding time and attention. Who’s got time to fight their paper & tape while wrapping gifts?

Wrap Buddies clip safely to a tabletop to securely hold a roll of paper, ready for use. Small and lightweight, they store easily with the rest of your wrapping supplies. Their two-piece design means any size roll can be accommodated by simply moving one end.

They’re adaptable to other purposes as well, including kitchen (cling wrap, aluminum foil), teachers (kraft paper), crafters, barbecue cooks…anyone who needs to work with materials that come on rolls!

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Wrap Buddies: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Something Fun for Everyone

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69 thoughts on “2019 Holiday Gift Guide – Something Fun for Everyone

  1. I think the ABC Mouse would be a great gift that would be used all year long. It would be perfect for my Granddaughter. I would love the Sohospark products for myself! They are gorgeous.

  2. Wow This gift guide is awesome because it is not the normal stuff you see on everybody else’s gift guides. I am in love with the Soho Sparks and the infinite agenda. I think I just found something I’m gonna put on my Christmas Wish list LOL. I have some family members that are just in love with the wacky socks And they have so many different varieties definitely gonna check those out thanks for sharing this list with us.

  3. Not sure if my comment took. The power decided to go out when I pressed the button. I love these gift ideas. Especially the journals. All my boys received one with a leather wrapping and they write in them quite a bit.

  4. I really love the journals. They are really nice. I use to write in one I still have it the very first ever journal I wrote was in 1996 holy cow.

  5. I love the Happy Pop Sock company. I’m a sock freak & I see quite a few pairs that I like! 😉 Thank you.

  6. These are all such great gift ideas. I used ABC mouse for my grandchildren for years. What a great ornament. I love the agenda book and the ornaments. These are all awesome ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this

  7. Thank you for providing us with some great holiday gift ideas that we perhaps would not have thought of before. I love the idea of fun socks so I am checking out the Happypop site currently.

  8. This is a unique Holiday list. It’s got a little something for everyone! My granddaughter, when she was 4 or 5 had a one year subscription to ABC Mouse. My daughter was trying to get her prepared for school. She had fun while learning. This would make a great gift! My other granddaughter loves to journal 📓 and keep a calendar agenda book – all in one. I personally love the Magic Ornament! I know a couple of people who would appreciate receiving this also. I shared on Pinterest and my Facebook page. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Great gift ideas, love the Amber towel for summer, the Infinite planner to help me get in control of my life lol I tend to forget things in my old age and the SohoSpark journals are gorgeous!

  10. These are awesome gift ideas, I love how unique they are! I never would have thought of a lot of these. I really like Amber towel, how cool!

  11. Love the list! Some are very unique gift ideas, thank you for sharing. I like towel the most, it would be a gem for my friends in Florida.

    1. I hit “post comment” too soon; I meant to say that I know a lot of people who would love them. Being able to have a full set of ornaments in a tiny storage space makes a huge difference for folks in small apartments!

  12. I love these holiday gift guides. They contain gifts that I would never have considered if I had not read about them here.

  13. I love the Happypop, Infinite Agenda, Magic Ornaments, I think all of these products would make great gifts for anyone in the family, We all love new and unique gifts at Chrismas time

  14. These are some nice gift ideas, I particularly like the Infinite agenda, that might be a good option for some friends of mine. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the gift suggestions. The Happypop socks are perfect for a few people on my list and so much fun too! I think I will put a gift card in each of the socks.

  16. I love My Infinite Agenda. It looks like it has so much room, and would make organizing things so much easier.

  17. i love the Happypop socks,,if i bought them they wouldnt end up being a gift,,i think i would keep them myself.Also love the SohoSpark journals

  18. My favorite thing was the Magic Ornaments. They sound like a great idea. I like that they save storage space and are durable. The Amber Towel was also a great idea.

  19. Such great gift ideas especially the Amber Towel from ABMERWAVE Fashions is great especially we love going to the beach and the pool to swim. Perfect for wrapping up in after a swim. My kids would love wearing one too and i love the style and color it comes in.

  20. I love the socks and the Amber towel. I would love these as gifts for myself and I know my mom would too!

  21. ABC mouse looks really awesome! Perfect for homeschoolers or anyone who wants to supplement their education with fun learning!

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