False nails for teeth?

Yes, that’s right. A very thin yet very durable shell of porcelain or ceramic similar to a false nail can now be applied directly onto teeth to create an absolutely stunning effect. Ever wondered how those people from makeover shows had a picture perfect, even and white smile within the space of a few days, whilst they underwent their makeover transformation?

This treatment was how!  It was once only available to the rich and famous, but now, veneers in Liverpool is a very real and very available cosmetic treatment, that not only beautifies a smile, but can also do a good job in protecting and restoring vulnerable teeth as well.

By speaking to a dentist at the professional dental clinic in niles il about receiving this treatment, patients can understand all of the advantages and the potential risks that may be involved with having this treatment done on one, some or all of their visible teeth. It can disguise a range of concerns that people have with the appearance of their smile and could well be the fastest and easiest way for them to create the smile of their dreams.

Each shell is custom made to fit a patient’s tooth precisely and to match surrounding teeth to create an even and natural looking smile. Should a person wish to have a smile makeover, which is a complete set of these shells, then the results simply mimic picture perfect, dazzling white teeth, but can be made to suit the patient’s wishes.

This treatment is used for slight misalignments, such as gaps or slightly crossed teeth as a quick and easy solution rather than needing braces or aligners to correct the issue, which can take months.

They are also great for stubborn stains that cannot be removed with whitening alone, which can happen following some dental procedures. Chipped, cracked or broken teeth are also great candidates for this procedure, especially as the thin shell provides a great protective barrier against further damage on the natural tooth surface.

How do they work?Veneers - False nails for teeth?

It generally takes a couple of visits to complete the procedure, with an initial consultation and preparation of the teeth needed before the application can be done. A very fine layer of enamel needs to be removed from the front surface of every tooth that is going to have a shell placed upon it.

This is because the surface of the tooth needs to be rough so that the cement that is used to put the shell in place has something to grip upon. Think of it like gluing two surfaces together in any craft, both surfaces need to be rough in order for the adhesive to work properly.

This does very little damage to the tooth and advancements in the cement and the tools used means that a very minimal layer of enamel is removed. There may even be times that this removal of the enamel is not necessary, a dentist will discuss this option with their patient should it be viable.

The shells are either custom made in a laboratory or created with the Cerec machine should there be one in the practice. The application takes a precise and steady hand to make sure that they are perfectly positioned and look natural in the mouth.





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