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Often the first thing someone notices about another person is their smile. A smile says thousands of things about another whether it’s for dating or work. When a tooth is having issues a common thing to need is a crown, also known as a “cap”. But what is a crown for a tooth and what is that process like, and do you have to do anything special after you have one?

Why do you need a dental crown?

Crowns are common in the world and many people have one that, unless being told, you would have no idea. Needing a crown on a tooth could be for several reasons. A few reasons could be to prevent a weak tooth from breaking or a cracked tooth from cracking, to fix a broken tooth, support a tooth with a large filling, or even cover a discolored tooth. Crowns can be an aesthetic fix or a needed one.

Once patients realize they may need a crown, all they have to do is type in dental crowns near me and get ready to have that smile back to catching compliments in less than a month.

What are the steps of getting a crown?

The process of getting a crown is a two-visit procedure.

  • First Visit: The first step is preparation. Here the doctor will get X-rays of the tooth and gum. This allows the doctor to check that the tooth only needs a crown and not a root canal as well. Then the doctor numbs the tooth to reshape the tooth receiving the crown. Then it will be the process of getting the impression of the tooth through putty or a scan. This allows the doctor to makes sure to get the correct measurements of the tooth so that your bite is not affected. That is sent to a lab for the crown to be made. The doctors will select the porcelain color tooth to perfectly match your smile so no one will ever suspect that there is a crown in that beautiful smile. The last part of this step is the placement of a temporary crown while waiting for the new one.
  • Second Visit: Two weeks later will be the second visit. during this will be the removal of the temporary crown and the placement of the permanent crown cemented in place with the same color tone of the other teeth.
  • If this is something that you are considering, head over to the oral surgeon grand blanc.
How do you take care of a crown?
  • Temporary Crown Care: This type of crown does require more attention since it is only temporary. In this stage doctors ask that a patient avoids sticky foods, slides floss out instead of pulling up, minimizing the chewing on that side of the mouth, and avoiding hard food.
  • Permanent Crown: For the first 24 hours it is often suggested to avoid sticky or hard foods. After a full day later is no special needs in taking care of a crown they are stuck on so well that you will probably even forget about it. It is still, of course, recommended to remember to practice good dental hygiene of brushing twice a day and flossing daily whether there is a crown or not.

In the end, the process is a piece of cake and chances are someone you know has a crown. It is a quick procedure with little to worry about that will change a smile entirely.

Restoring Your Smile: Dental Crown Placement Explained in Simple Steps

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