Stretch In Style- Choose The Best Leggings For Gymwear

If you love sweating out in the gym, you will probably know the importance of having the right kind of activewear in your wardrobe. Essentially, you require pieces that are good-looking, easy on the skin, and comfortable as well. When it comes to bottom wear, leggings are ideal for the gym because they offer coverage and plenty of room to stretch. But you cannot just settle for any piece because wrong attire can make you uncomfortable and even impact your performance.

Here are some useful tips for the fashionistas who want to stretch in style with the best leggings for gym wear.

Choose the fabric wisely

Perhaps the most important factor for choosing activewear is fabric. Something that keeps you cool and retains its shape is ideal, so you can trust spandex for covering you on both these fronts. Cotton is good from the comfort perspective but it loses shape on being stretched. You can opt for leggings in a blended fabric to get the best of both worlds. And be mindful of the weather while considering the fabric because it determines the comfort factor to a considerable extent.

Add variety to your collection

Once you are sorted with the choice of fabrics, you can go ahead to create a collection with ample variety. After all, sweating in style is all about going the extra mile with gym dressing. Pick a mix of basic and vibrant colors to match your everyday workout moods. You can even try prints and patterns for adding extra zing to your wardrobe. Check out these Fabletics videos to get some styling inspiration with your leggings. With the right collection, it is easy to mix and match them with your tops and rock a new look every single time you step into the gym.

Don’t forget the fits

While you must have the best looking leggings to look like a diva, fits also deserve your attention. Good fits promise all the comfort and coverage you need while exercising and there’s never a fear that the pants will tear up as you squat and stretch. Choose the right length that works for you, as leggings come in full, mid, and Capri length. High-rise is a good option because it covers up your waist to the belly button and eliminates the chances of your innerwear being visible.

Look for extra features

Apart from the look and comfort factors, you can seek leggings with extra features for making your workout experience more convenient. For example, the ones with pockets make a good pick as you can carry your phone and keys in them. The option of contoured leggings is great for shaping up your curves and making you look good. Similarly, the ones with waistbands stay in place even during the most vigorous exercise sessions.

While you must bear these factors in mind while choosing the right leggings for your gym collection, always settle for a perfect size. Since sizing may differ from brand to brand, it always makes sense to know your brand sizing and try the leggings before you buy them.


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  • My sister wants to get new leggings to wear at the gym that wick away sweat since she goes every day now. You make a good point about finding leggings with extra features like pockets or ones that shape your curves. Hopefully, she can find some online that have the features and look she’s going for.

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