What Are the Benefits of Going Solar?

You might have noticed more solar panels popping up around your local area. Many homeowners are choosing to have them installed on the roof of their properties, as are business owners.

Although solar panels aren’t the only method of harnessing the sun’s energy, they are by far the popular choice for residential and commercial properties. In this article, we’re going to talk about what solar panels are and what solar energy is, and the many benefits that solar energy provides.

What Are Solar Panels and How Do They Work?

Solar panels enable people to use the power of the sun to their advantage. Inside solar panels are specialized cells called photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert the solar energy that is produced by the sun into electrical energy that can be used to power buildings.

Solar PV panels have several layers of semiconducting materials. Usually, they’re made of silicon, through which electricity flows when the sun hits the panels. Each panel can generate up to 355 Watts of energy, depending on the strength of the sun.

Solar panels usually convert solar energy into direct current (DC) electricity. Since most properties use alternating current (AC) electricity, an inverter is added to the panels to make the energy useable in the home.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

Solar energy provides lots of benefits to the environment. We can harness the energy from the sun and use it to power our homes and businesses.

Here are the benefits of getting solar panels for your home or business.

  1. Reduced Utility Bills

The cost of solar panel installation can be upwards of $10,000. However, the panels enable homeowners and business owners to save money in the long run. They’re a long-term investment that cuts your utility bills significantly.

Solar PV panels don’t require direct sunlight to produce an electric current. So, even if you’re not in a hot country, your solar panels will generate continuous energy throughout the day so you won’t need to use as much non-renewable energy to power your property.

If you’re searching for a way to save money in your home or commercial property, it’s worth considering solar panels. Find a great solar company in your local area to get an estimated installation price. The solar company will also be able to provide estimates on how much you’ll save over the years following solar panel installation.

  1. Solar Panel Grants

Thanks to the updated list of Oregon solar incentives, everybody is able to harness the power of the sun in the local area. Incentives and programs are available for buildings that are:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Government-related
  • Non-profit-related
  • School-related
  • Agricultural
  • Institutional

It’s not just the state of Oregon that can benefit from solar incentives. Most states now offer financial plans and programs to make solar panels an ideal option for US citizens. If you want to learn more about the solar incentives in your local area, liaise with nearby solar energy companies or check your state’s official website.

  1. Easy Installation

Solar energy has become more affordable and accessible to the everyday person, enabling families across the globe to live more sustainably. The technologies used in solar panels have advanced rapidly in the last few years, making them more efficient and suitable for most properties.

The installation of solar panels is relatively quick and simple but it can provide several years of savings. Most commonly, they are installed on roofs or on the ground next to buildings. They can be horizontally or vertically placed, making them suitable for multiple areas across a property.

Compared to the installation of new electrical circuits and power lines, solar panels are much less disruptive. There is no risk of poor connection or incorrect cable placement with solar PV panels either.

  1. Better for the Environment

One of the most obvious and well-known benefits of solar energy is that it is better for the environment. Instead of using non-renewable energy, such as oil, fuel, and gas, to fuel homes and businesses, solar energy enables people to switch to a renewable energy source.

Plus, because solar panels last for decades, you won’t need to throw away your energy-producing equipment or get replacements. If your solar panels break, they can easily be repaired. Technicians can also replace certain solar cells if they break, without needing to replace the whole panel.

Because there is no need for regular replacements, you won’t produce as much waste and you won’t need as many new materials to continue using solar energy. It’s a win-win for you and the environment.

  1. Positive for the Economy

You may be wondering how solar panels relate to the economy. But by getting solar panels installed, you are supporting local solar energy businesses and putting money into the solar industry as a whole.

Supporting this environmentally friendly industry will enable it to grow more and more in the future. You can support local businesses and have a positive impact on the economy in your state.

  1. Low Risk of Blackouts and Increased Security

Using traditional sources of energy to power your property, such as electrical wires and cables, carries a risk of blackouts. If the main power generator in your local area breaks down or short circuits, you’re left with no electrical energy until the issue is resolved. That’s why it’s worth knowing what to do in the case of home power outages, just in case they happen to you. 

Solar panels enable you to build a self-sufficient property that can generate its own electricity, regardless of power outages. You can generate continuous energy throughout the year, even on cloudy days.

This can be particularly helpful for businesses and commercial buildings. Power outages can cause severe disruption to business operations, which can cause data loss, financial loss, and dissatisfied customers.

Avoiding outages by switching to solar energy prevents any operational disruptions and minimizes the risk of financial loss. Solar energy can provide much-needed security and peace of mind for business owners so that they can focus on the needs and demands of their employees and customers.
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