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What’s Ruining The Glow Of Your Skin?

Glowing skin is something we’re all after! But giving your skin a healthy look can be difficult, even if you’ve got plenty of products to rub in during your morning routine. And that’s what we’re here to help you with; your skin can glow and shine in just the way you want when you know how to take care of it. Here are our top tips. 

Glowing skin is the best foundation possible! What’s Ruining The Glow Of Your Skin?

You’re Not Exfoliating Enough

If you don’t exfoliate, all those dead skin cells have the chance to build up on the surface of your skin. As they do, not only do they dim your natural glow, but they also clog up the pores and cause more blemishes to appear. And that can be a real problem when you look in the mirror. Indeed, if you feel something like cosmetic dermatology is the next step to getting glowing skin, start by following an intensive exfoliating routine. It could be just the thing you’re looking for. 

You’re Not Protecting Against the Outside

The outside world can take a real toll on your skin, especially if you’re not doing anything to protect it. Even when you think a full face of makeup will keep the worst of the sun and wind away, the elements can still sneak in. And they can dry your face and lips out, make your skin oily, and make you feel worse for wear when you check your face the following morning. So try to apply sunscreen just before you head outside, and make sure you take a coat with a hood – a bit of protection goes a long way. 

You’re Not Eating the Right Nutrients

You need plenty of nutrients in your diet, and sometimes we can forego the right ones without even realizing. Of course, you can take supplements to help if need be, but it’s best to include vitamin and mineral rich food at the source. Ingredients such as kale or broccoli are great for the skin, but so are certain types of meat and fish. Look into your normal dietary habits, see what’s missing, and then stock up on B Vitamins, Iron, and Omega 3 where you’re missing them most. 

You’ve Been Quite Stressed Lately

And finally, if you’ve had a stressful event in your life lately, this could be the effect you notice the most. Your skin can react to the slightest things, and it can go red and blotchy when something you’re allergic to touches it. So it only makes sense that what you’re feeling inside will show outside. It’s best to counteract this problem at the source; whatever is stressing you out needs to be taken care of, whether it’s work, family issues, or your health. It might even be necessary to Speak to a doctor sometime soon. 

If you want your skin to take on a new glow, make sure you’re hydrated, eating right, and have cut back on the stress in your life. 

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  • I need to work on my stress levels and getting the right nutrients. I do wear sunscreen daily.


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