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Jewellry Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

Jewellery is a great addition to your wardrobe when you understand how to style them. Accessorizing your clothing with jewellery can make you make a statement. While trends come and go, you will find some jewellery etiquettes are forever. Once you understand how to style jewellery depending on what you want the final look to be, you will be impressing and catching people’s attention.

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Jewellry Etiquette: 

A plain outfit can look classic with the right accessories, and that is why you have to know these tips to assist you. The main thing is to know when and where to wear which jewellery. With the right information, you can make use of your jewellery collection to the maximum. With the tips discussed below, you will understand how to accessorize your outfit at the end of the article.

  1. Create Layers

Wearing different earrings layers if you have more than one piercing, necklaces and bangles can give you the shine you want. It is okay to try layering different pieces if it is suitable for the occasion you are going. Having layers draws attention and helps you get the attention you desire. When styling, you have to make sure the pieces are compatible so you can look presentable.

Layering jewellery is something that will work forever because contrast creates attraction. As long as you choose the right pieces to display your style and personality, you will get the right effect from your chosen layers.

  1. Understand your Occasion

Jewellery design, shapes, and style are made for different occasions and events. You have to dress up accordingly, depending on where you are going. The same etiquette applies to accessorizing, and you have to know which jewellery you can wear to that specific occasion. If it is a party, you can go for something that pops and attracts attention as long as your accessories will not overshadow your personality. If it is formal wear to the office or a formal meeting, you have to keep it simple but classic. Turquoise Jewelry can go well with your formal wear.

Do not go overboard to avoid being a distraction instead of being outstanding. Wearing simple earrings that display formality is something essential. When it is about formal jewellery, you can still have your locket necklace as long as you pair it with the right clothing.

  1. Know Where You Want the Focus

Styling clothing with jewellery can be daunting when you are not an expert. With the help of several designers, styling is becoming easier for people. You can make an outfit stand out with the accessories you have. When you have a simple and dull outfit, bold jewellery that will add a statement to your outfit is the best decision. If your clothing is bold, go for simple jewellery as the final touches. For instance, you can wear a simple earring or a bangle.

  1. Experiment

As a jewellery fan, you have to be flexible and open-minded to develop a style that will be outstanding. You will find judging something when you are not wearing it is not always accurate. If you have a certain outfit you doubt will go with your jewellery collection, try and look in the mirror to see the result. Find outfits that will go with your statement earrings, necklace, and bangles, and make a mental note to have an easier time styling yourself in the morning.

  1. Do Not Let Trends Control You

Your style and personality should be what influences your accessorizing. Trends come and go, and you can lose your sense of style when trying to emulate trends. It is okay to use trends to some extent but do not fully lead them to control you. People are different, and finding what works for you is the key to success when paring jewellery and clothing.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Earrings

Earrings are visible to the person speaking to you, and you have to choose them carefully. Choosing earrings that will make a statement depending on your style and occasion will be helpful. It is important to change your earrings because this something most people forget. Look for something that complements your facial features, style, and personality.

  1. Know Your Focal Point

Where you want attention to be is something you have to know before you choose your jewellery. Knowing where you want the visual attention, be it your neck, ears, or hands, will help you choose a bold jewellery piece that will complement the feature while keeping the rest minimal and straightforward.

Jewellery etiquette helps even though it is not compulsory to follow. You will find the guidance and help you need in your accessorizing journey and achieve a classic sense of fashion and style. The above tips help make it easy for you to choose which jewellery to wear and how to style and pair them so you can make use of your jewellery collection to the maximum.


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  • These are great tips. I used to wear jewelry often but I don’t much anymore.


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