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We are all very happy to see the end of 2020 and hopefully, this year will see the end of the pandemic and a return to normal life. If you are looking ahead to the spring and summer and would like a heads up of chic jewellery trends, here are a few jewellery designs you will see everywhere this year.

Show It With Pearls

Shiny pearls are never out of vogue, with attractive necklaces and bracelets for that chic look. Pearl rings are also making a comeback, with intricate designs that use small pearls mixed with precious stones. The custom jeweller is always ready to put his skills to the test to create a stunning piece of pearl jewellery, and with your input, a one-off item awaits. Coloured pearls are also popular and there are many online jewellers with access to coloured pearls, which you can view on their website.

Large Pendants

Striking colours from semi-precious stones and yellow gold make for the perfect combination and you can expect to see chunky pendants hanging from thick necklaces, as the trend for big and bold accessories continues.

Stacked Rings

Chic Jewellery Styles For 2021 Woman Wearing Stacked Rings Holding Mug of Cappuccino
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Mixing metals is not only acceptable, it is almost compulsory, so you can show that range of rings in your jewellery collection. Take out your ring collection, including your own piece of bespoke diamond engagement rings London and other world-famous cities are known for, and experiment. Take selfies as you do and send them to good friends, asking for an honest opinion.

Chain Jewellery

A mix with the chunky scene, chain-link jewellery that has splashes of colour, using a variety of metals. There are so many chain designs and sizes that you could amass quite a collection for different situations, with bright colours and beads for that seventies hippy look that seems to have swung full circle.

Hoop Earrings

Gold, brass, silver and platinum designs are in, and the larger, the better, which matches a loud image. The coming spring collection in Europe will feature large hoop earrings and the online jeweller has an extensive collection of hoop earrings, all at affordable prices.

Chunky Bracelets & Necklaces

This is a continuation of last year, when stainless steel and sterling silver were seen in chunky creations and the trend is still here. If you would prefer bespoke jewellery, search online for a reputable custom jeweller who can create unique chunky bracelets and necklaces to your specifications.

Layered Necklaces

Chic Jewellery Styles For 2021 Woman in White Blouse Wearing Multiple Delicate Necklaces
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The chaos look reigns and when layering necklaces, varying lengths are essential. You could wear as many as 4 or 5 if they are of differing lengths and for some online inspiration, search with Google Images for ‘layered necklaces’ and you will find many fine examples of layering necklaces.

Many people are realising that custom jewellery is very affordable and the myth that custom made jewellery is expensive has been well and truly debunked. If you like a particular style, why not talk to a custom jeweller and you might be pleasantly surprised to find how affordable handmade jewellery can be. Treat yourself to a new piece of custom jewellery in any of the above and get ready for a great 2021.

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Chic Jewellery Styles For 2021

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  1. These are awesome jewelry styles, thanks for sharing what is in th iui s year. I never would have known otherwise. I love jewelry but I’m terrible at wearing it since I’m pretty much home 24/7. I love that pearls never go out of style, they are beautiful!

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