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Jewelry With A Difference: 7 Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas

Looking for some alternative jewelry to buy a loved one? Here are a few unique options that could be worth considering as a gift. 

Birthstone jewelry

Every month has a corresponding birthstone. These birthstones are great for incorporating into jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. Consider what month your loved one is born in and look for jewelry items that contain their birthstone – this could be a great birthday gift. 

Customized anklets

Anklets are an item of jewelry that often gets overlooked. They’re great for the summer months when many of us have our ankles out. Like bracelets, anklets come in all different styles. For a unique anklet design, why not look into a customized anklet such as this Hotwife anklet? These could be the perfectly alternative jewelry gift for a partner. 

Family name charms

Another great option could be to have all the names of your family members turned into charms. This could include charms shaped like each family member’s name or charms with names etched on. All of these charms could be attached to a necklace or a bracelet. Such gifts are a great joint family gift to a mom or dad. 

Playful earrings

There are lots of quirky styles of earrings that could make great gifts for novelty occasions. Examples include xmas tree earrings and graduation cap earrings. You can also find earrings catered around all kinds of niche interests. These can be a fun and personal gift for when you’re looking for something unique. 

Mood rings

Mood rings have long fascinated people with their changing colors. They can be a fun gift for kids or adults and generally aren’t too expensive. On top of mood rings, you can also buy mood bracelets and mood necklaces. You can find these jewelry items in some local stores, however shopping online gives you access to a much greater range of different mood rings. 

Glow in the dark jewelry

Glow in the dark jewelry is another fun form of novelty jewelry. Consisting of fluorescent dye in a plastic container, this jewelry can be turned into beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets that light up in the dark. Kids will love these, as will many adults. You can buy this jewelry online from specialist stores.

Custom cufflinks

Cufflinks are great piece of jewelry for men who regularly wear suits for work or special occasions. Just like earrings and necklace charms, cufflinks come in all kinds of different styles and can be themed around various personal interests. If you’re looking for a truly unique gift, one option to look into could be custom cufflinks. These could be monogrammed or they could contain a name. There are companies online that sell bespoke cufflinks.


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  • Jewelry is a perfect gift for every occasion. Thanks for sharing such unique jewelry gift ideas. I personally like to choose cufflinks for women and men as unique gift accessories.


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