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Although no longer regarded as a new procedure as dental implants have been around for decades, this treatment is fast becoming the staple procedure that a dentist in Mackay will recommend their patients due to their high success rate, additional benefits and superior functionality as compared to other methods that are available.

The increase in dental technology also allows for professionals to use digital technology be able to precisely pinpoint the exact location in which the impact should be placed for maximum comfort, increased success rate which is currently at around 98% and minimal healing time. A smarter use of materials also offers patients faster healing time and a decreased likelihood of complications.

The result offers a complete smile transformation for those people who have lost one or several teeth, or a new lease on life for people who are suffering from ill fitting dentures that result in a decrease in confidence or the ability to eat certain foods.

It isn’t hard to believe, therefore , that a lot of time and energy is being put into the research and development of new and improved ideas in this field therefore, with more affordable options being discovered for more patients to be able to enjoy the benefits of the procedure.

Dentists at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay are healthcare professionals who pledge an oath to ensure that every patient that they see receives the best possible care that they can provide them. This is why they work tirelessly to bring results to the table in a variety of ways to give their patients a choice in treatments so that they can choose an option that they believe is right for them.

A dentist will always offers their patients a selection of treatment options where applicable and provide information regarding the advantages and potential risks that are associated with ch treatment option. A dentist will give their recommendations, but ultimately, it is up to the patient to make an informed decision about what they believe it the perfect option for their lifestyle.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

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The benefits of a dental implant goes beyond improved functionality and appearance of a smile. The titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone fuses with the bone and surrounding tissues to create a lifelong bond.

This bond acts similar to a natural tooth root and as such, stimulates the jaw to continue to regrow cells and remain active and strong. Dentures and other devices that simply sit on the gum line do not stimulate the jaw bone in this fashion and as a result, the jaw bone weakens and recedes over time.

An improvement in the overall oral health of a patient is expected after the successful installation of a dental implant as well. A missing tooth can have a negative effect on the surrounding teeth and sometimes they can shift and destabilize as a means of compensating for the gap in the mouth.

With less exposed delicate gum tissue and teeth, decay and disease is less prevalent as well.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


An Exciting Development in Dental Technology

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