Finding The Perfect Foundation For Your Skin And Beauty Needs

You may have a dry skin, an oily skin, or an acne-prone skin. Whichever of those you have, finding the perfect foundation for your skin may be quite tough. If you visited a drugstore for one, you may not necessarily find samples. If you do make a purchase and returned home with the foundation you […]

Think Mineral Hygienics Instead of Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Chocolates are gone in a flash…but makeup from Mineral Hygienics will last long past Valentine’s Day I have been a mineral makeup user for probably 16 years or more.  I’ve always used a major brand that you might have seen informercials for.  Along the way, I’ve tried mineral makeup from name brands, home sales companies, […]

PinkPowderParlor – Liquid Blush Review

The PinkPowderParlor, is all about professional Cosmetics in PINK. Think pink is just for fair skin blondes?  NOT SO! At Pink Powder Parlor, you can find just the right shades of pink for your skin tone. From primer to lip gloss Pink Powder Parlor has is all. We received a bottle of liquid blush for this review.   The shade […]