Make Your Look More Interesting in 6 Simple Steps

So, you want to make your look more interesting. There are so many fun and cool ways you can improve your look, and we’re here to give you 6 ideas that you’ll love. Take a look and make sure you’re prepared to experiment:

  1. Do Something New With Your Hair/Makeup

This isn’t just about making your outfit look more interesting. It could actually be your hair or makeup that could use a little spruce up. Of course, you’re great as you are – but if you want to make your look something really special, doing something different in these respects can really help you to ‘wow’ people and turn some heads. You don’t have to do anything to drastic. If you always wear your hair up, wear it down – or vice versa. You could also try on a new shade of lipstick that you never would have dared wear before. If you’re wearing an all black outfit, for instance, a bright red lipstick can finish off the look perfectly.

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  1. Add More Texture To Your Outfit

Adding more texture to your outfit is one of the very best ways to make it look more interesting. You can do this in numerous ways. Try adding a tassel bag, or a textured jacket. You can also think about adding a scarf, and other cool accessories. The more texture your outfit has, the better it usually looks.

  1. Add A Statement Piece Of Jewelry

Nearly every outfit should have a statement piece of jewelry. How you choose which piece to add is up to you. For example, if you have a low neckline, it could be a good idea to make your statement piece a necklace. Or you could add a few rings and stack them to give your look even more interest. You can take a look at popular jewelry brands to build your collection and make sure you have something for every occasion.

  1. Use A Waist Belt

A waist belt could be just the thing missing from your outfit. The right waist belt can be used to enhance your shape, turning a shapeless outfit from drab to fab. It can also be used to bring some texture to the look, as discussed earlier on.

  1. Play With Color And Pattern

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and pattern. This can be scary if you’re not used to it, so you could try to see how you feel with a pair of animal print shoes or an accessory in a print or color that you like. Start off small and build your way up to mixing them and clashing them.

  1. Do Something Unusual

Do something unusual with your outfit. For example, wear a stand-out hair accessory or throw on a bright red beret. You could even do what many fashionistas like to do and have a ‘signature’ piece that they throw on with nearly every outfit, such as an accessory or scarf.

How will you make your look more interesting?

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  • Thanks for this incredible post.

  • Thanks for the tips! Step six is a tough one. I am amazed by the unusual that maintains a sense of beauty and elegance. It just seems too easy to take the unusual too far. I have found that a clean look can be accented with an unusual piece of jewelry that can take a look to a beautiful and interesting aesthetic.


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