PinkPowderParlor – Liquid Blush Review

The PinkPowderParlor, is all about professional Cosmetics in PINK. Think pink is just for fair skin blondes?  NOT SO! At Pink Powder Parlor, you can find just the right shades of pink for your skin tone. From primer to lip gloss Pink Powder Parlor has is all. We received a bottle of liquid blush for this review. 

Pink Powder Parlor Collages - USE

 The shade is Flutter, and it is so soft that even my daughter who has a porcelain complexion, was able to wear with no problem. She said that it was silky in texture and glided on easily. Just a tiny dab, was all she needed for a dewy daytime look.

PinkPowderParlor Liquid Blush
PinkPowderParlor Liquid Blush – Flutter
PinkPowderParlor Liquid Blush
“Priscilla Bonjovina” wearing PinkPowderParlor
Liquid Blush


I truly love PinkPowderParlors philosophy! I highlighted the text in BOLD, that really struck home with me.

 We are committed to providing our customers with complete satisfaction! We firmly believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone for success. As part of our relentless efforts to offer the best products to our customers our sales and marketing team are committed to providing you, the customer with the highest quality.

Make up has been a long term passion for PinkPowderParlor. The skills and strategies taught at a local Modeling and Career Center give us a competitive edge and inspire us to provide makeup that is not just good but of professional quality. Our triumph is reaching women of all ages and nationalities. This is based on the faith that true makeup artistry comes not from trying to make a face conform to the latest style trends, but from enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty and, as a result allowing her individuality to shine. Our goal is to make a women look good and feel good. All of our products are easy to apply so that a women can look her best in the shortest amount of time.

​ PinkPowderParlor has carefully selected quality pink shades only and offers a variety of NaModa Cosmetics. PinkPowderParlor is a exclusive retailer for NaModa Cosmetics. ​

Head on over and check out all the pinkalicious products that they have to offer!

Disclaimer/Disclosure:  We received a free bottle of liquid blush from PinkPowderParlor, for the purpose of this review. Regardless of “compensation” the opinions expressed are 100% our own.

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