These Simple Makeup Solutions Could Save You Three Hours A Week

Endless women across the country spend far too long cramped in front of a mirror trying to perfect their image. Makeup is, after all, how we have learnt to make the most of our looks. If you’re used to wearing it, even spending ten minutes less on your application could leave you feeling vulnerable. And, no woman should feel insecure each time she leaves the house.

But, something has to give. You’re wasting near enough three hours on your beauty pursuit each week. Imagine what you could do if you managed to cut that time down by even half. You could finally get around to that ever-growing pile of books. You could sign up for that course you could never fit in. We’re betting that the world would suddenly feel like your oyster.

The only trouble is, you aren’t willing to cut your makeup time if it means compromising on looks. But, what if it doesn’t have to? We’ve formulated a few simple ways you can cut your makeup routine without compromising a jot on looks.

These Simple Makeup Solutions Could Save You Three Hours A Week
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Find permanent to solutions to makeup you apply each day

One fantastic option would be to find more permanent solutions for your makeup. These could see you with the same look in no time. Something like microblading would be fantastic for this. With this treatment, you can ensure fuller eyebrows without needing to go near that eyebrow pencil. Getting eyelash extensions could see you putting that mascara away once and for all. It’s even possible to get semi-permanent eyeliner on your lids to keep that just-applied look for months. Each one of these solutions could save you hours over time.

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New ways to achieve even coverage

Cosmetic makeup options aren’t going to help with your skin. Even something like filler in your cheeks won’t help hide those patches of color. Let’s face it; nothing beats an even skin color. And, you can’t see any way to achieve that without makeup. But, that’s where you’re wrong. In reality, even the foods you eat can have an impact here. Applying a simple night cream seconds before bed could also help to even your skin tone. You may also find that the simple act of not wearing products sorts your skin out no end. After a while, then, you may be able to get away without wearing any foundation at all.

Perfect statement pieces

It’s a big ask for you to go entirely makeup free, and it may not be necessary. At the moment, though, it’s possible that you spend 30-40 minutes to achieve the ‘natural’ look. This may be where you’re going wrong. Getting this right is all about extensive layers of foundation, subtle blends of eye-shadow, and the right amount of blush. What’s worse is that none of these works without the others. Hence why you’re wasting so much time. By comparison, statement pieces such as the perfect winged eyeliner or lipstick which pops could achieve the same impact in a fraction of the time.

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