10 Tips To Build A Perfect Home Gym Without Spending A Fortune

If you are an exercise freak, nothing can be more exciting than having a gym right at your home. The best thing about having one is the flexibility it offers. You can have all the time to exercise whenever you want to do it without even stepping out. There is no need to book slots or commute to the gym. Plus, you can invest in just the equipment you need. But building one is easier said than done because there are genuine constraints of space and finances. But it is still doable if you use some smart ideas. So if you are really serious about having a gym at your home, here are some tips that you can use.

Work with the available space

Your first concern while planning for a home gym will be the space you have. If you have a big place, there will not be a problem. You can surely find a room that you can use for your fitness endeavors. However, there are challenges with smaller homes. But living in a small space does not mean that you have to skip the idea completely. There are still ways in which you can have one.

Try setting it up to the gym in the balcony.  You can pick some compact, space-saving equipment that fits in a limited area. Limit your equipment to the pieces that you would really need. In fact, you may not need machines for every second exercise. Focus on exercises such as skipping, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, and squats to design effective exercise programs.

Start small first

Starting a home gym does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on it. The biggest misconception is that expensive equipment will give you great results faster. But a lot more depends on a good exercise regimen and your motivation to stick to it. If you are not sticking to it in a professional gym, there is no guarantee that you will be regular at home.

The best way to build a gym at home is by starting small, only with some basic pieces. Buying inexpensive ones such as an exercise balls, dumbbells, or boxing resistance bands from Power Punch Pro  is a good idea. Once you use them consistently for a few months, you can think of upgrading your gym. Gradually, you can add more advanced and expensive pieces to the collection.

Invest in used equipment

The biggest expense while setting up a gym at your home relates to exercise equipment. New equipment can be a burden on your pocket, considering that you need to have at least a few pieces to start with. As a smart fitness enthusiast, you can shop for some second-hand equipment instead of new ones. They can be as good as new but cost much lesser.

Craigslist is a great place to look for used pieces and save a few dollars. There are plenty of people who list their gym machinery because they may be moving out or upgrading. You can also check out local stores or gyms that are selling off their old equipment. List out the pieces that you plan to buy and draw up a budget before you start looking for them.

Build your own equipment

Besides buying only the basics and opting for second-hand pieces, there is another smart way to save money on equipment. You can try building it yourself if you are a DIY enthusiast. There is a lot that you can try making yourself, from power racks to plate holders and reverse hypers. Such pieces cost just a fraction of the new ones and are useful as them.

There are several DIY guides that you can access online for getting some cool ideas and tips. You can also get advice from fellow fitness buffs who have tried building some equipment themselves. But be sure that you do everything right because using faulty equipment can elevate the risk of injury.

Fit a mirror

Besides exercise equipment, you will also require mirrors in your home gym. There are good reasons why gyms have mirrors installed in them. They make sure that you see yourself while you work out. This way you will do everything right and avoid injury as well. This becomes all the more important when you exercise at home, without professional guidance.

A full-size mirror is a must-have for the main wall of your home gym, to begin with. Gradually, you can have more of them installed on the other walls as well. You need not have a floor to ceiling mirror if you are sticking to a budget. Even a standard-sized closet mirror will be good enough but it should offer optimal visibility. A good one will make space appear larger too.

Have the right kind of flooring

When you work out, you need to pay extra attention to your comfort and safety. The kind of flooring that your home gym has makes a great difference in this context. Soft synthetic flooring is required to make the place warm, comfortable and safe. Rubber flooring is ideal because it offers the visual appeal, durability, and comfort you want. Plus, you need not break your budget because it is affordably priced.

You can check out local stores and online sellers to explore your options in these flooring products. If you are able to build a home gym, Damon Price from Rubber Flooring Direct says that interlocking tiles are an easy way to make it look and feel professional. So it is best to take professional advice before getting started with your gym’s flooring.

Personalize your space

When it comes to sticking to an exercise routine, it is best done in a place that you love. If you want to follow your exercise regime stringently, making it enjoyable is a great idea. You can do this by personalizing your gym area within budget. Start by setting up your old music system in the home gym to pep you up while you sweat out.

You can even install a television in the gym and exercise while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. Have a few green plants here and there to give a good vibe to the place. Also, you can have the walls painted in a bright color to make the room vibrant.

Don’t be fooled by exercise gimmicks

There are plenty of makers that promote cheesy exercise tools and high-tech equipment. Most of them promise amazing effects with little work. It is easy to fall in a trap if you are planning to build your home gym but don’t be fooled by gimmicks. Not only are they expensive but may end up as good for nothing. You may topple your budget and buy something that offers no value.

Research every single piece that you plan to buy for achieving your fitness goals. Check whether it will be right for your exercise programs and worth the money. Be particularly careful with the ones that use digital technologies because you may find them difficult to operate at the end of the day. Remember that expensive does not always mean worthy.

Plan for your family

If you live with family, your spouse and children would also want to use the home gym. So when you get it prepped up, plan for the entire family rather than only yourself. Imagine the value of money you can save up by not having to pay the gym membership fees of all the family members! You can actually use the same money to invest in your home gym.

Buy versatile equipment that everyone can use though you will need to have personalized pieces for weight training. Think long term as your kids will grow up and upscale to heavier weights, making them a sustainable investment for the gym. Do make sure that the gym’s ambiance is good for the younger members as well.

Seek expert advice

Another good tip for fitness enthusiasts who want to build a gym at home is to seek expert advice. Discuss your plan with your gym trainer or a friend who has already built a home gym. They will surely have some useful inputs that can be of great help.

A pro can guide you about the latest exercise equipment in the market and also where you can buy them cheap. They can also help you with a workout regime tailored using minimal equipment. So you will be able to work out more and get good results even without spending a lot of machinery.

Building a home gym can be a daunting idea when you think about the money that you need to invest. But surprisingly, it can be cheaper and easier than you think. Following these tips will definitely help you in sprucing up an area in your living space and making it your fitness haven. Just think smart and invest for the long run. You need not go all out at the very beginning. The best way is to just get started and keep upgrading as and when you can. You will gradually have a better understanding of your personalized needs and can buy the right kind of equipment accordingly.


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