Discreet Self-Protection Gadgets

It’s a sad fact that protecting yourself and your possession while out and about is becoming more and more of a necessity. With crime rates high and us carrying the world in our pockets, it is imperative to stay safe and alert while traveling in the open. There are plenty of expensive gadgets you can invest in to protect yourself and your belongings, but today we are taking a look at more inexpensive ways to keep your things safe from criminals. There are many discreet and nifty items you can keep with you at all times in case the worst ever does happen.

Pepper Spray

The first thing many of us think of when we are out and need some form of protection is pepper spray. This comes in the shape of a small spray bottle, which can be disguised as a pen or lipstick in some cases. These pepper sprays have a shooting range of between eight and ten feet, meaning that you will be able to protect yourself at a pretty decent distance.

Discreet Self-Protection Gadgets


You may think that a taser is something which only police officers can use, but you’d be wrong. If you are out during the night time and become involved in an attack or mugging, you can use the TASER StrikeLight to stun your assailant and make your escape. It also has a handy torch to help you find your way around.

RFID Blocking Wallet

This is a relatively new piece of kit which can save your money from being stolen from your debit or credit card. Every credit card contains a RFID chip, and this can be used either in a card machine or for contactless payment. But did you know that someone could steal your money by simply standing next to you? Even if you have your card locked away in a purse, thieves can use a device to scan your card in the same way a machine would, taking your money. The RFID blocking wallet is the perfect tool to prevent against this as it blocks any signal from travelling through and reaching your money.


In extreme cases, if you are walking around with an expensive laptop or sensitive information in your bag, it could be worth adding a padlock to your bag. That way even if someone does steal your bag, they won’t be able to open it up.

Discreet Self-Protection Gadgets

Killer Ring

Yes, that is a real thing. Much like knuckle dusters, the concept of this ring is a very sharp diamond which is cut to a point. If you are to come across an attacker and end up trying to fight your way out, one hit with this is sharp enough to cut through to the bone. It will distract your assailant and allow you to make a safe exit from the scene. The plus side to this is it looks very beautiful too!

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