Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair or Replacement

When the temps start to rise, it’s time to keep our homes and workplaces cool. A well-functioning air conditioner is nothing short of a necessity to create a comfortable indoor environment. And, this is why it’s important to watch out for any possible signs of malfunction. After all, no one wants to deal with an AC breakdown when it’s scorching outside.

Here are some tell-tale signs your air conditioner needs repair or a replacement.

  1. Fluctuating temperatures and poor performance

This is the first tell-tale sign of an air conditioner requiring repairs is uneven coolness. If you notice that your AC cannot maintain consistent temperature, it is probably time to call for maintenance.

A common problem in air conditioners occurs when the filters are clogged, or the ductwork is blocked from dust and dirt build-up. Regular air conditioning cleaning can easily take care of these issues.

The efficiency of compressors can be reduced due to constant wear and tear and needs to be replaced. Sometimes, a damaged compressor can also be why your AC is inconsistent with the temperature settings. In this case, professional servicing is required.

  1. Unusually high electricity bills

Have you noticed any unusual hike in your electricity bills lately? It might be a sign that some appliances need your attention. While it’s common to have some change in your energy bills during the turn of seasons, if you’re having to pay significantly more, it’s worth doing an energy audit.

Once the audit is done, you will know whether the bill shows an accurate amount and which appliances are at fault. Therefore, you’ll know you whether you need to look up aircon Northern Beaches for servicing your AC.

  1. Odd emissions and smells

Any weird smell or suspicious emissions from your AC need immediate attention as they can be toxic and potentially harmful for you. Some common instances of bad smells are dirty units or filters which need to be replaced.

If you notice any burning smell from your air conditioner, it could be from burnt wire insulation. It’s a fire hazard and you need to take action immediately.

Musty smell indicates mold growth, which can be extremely bad for your lungs and cause spikes in allergies and flu-like conditions in your household.

Regular AC cleaning and maintenance not only saves you from high operational costs but potential health expenses too.

  1. Constant leaks

Like odd smells and emissions, you need to take care of any leakage from your AC right away.

Some amount of moisture around an air conditioning unit is normal due to condensation build ups. But if your unit is actually leaking refrigerant liquid and water, it’s a matter of concern.

Refrigerant leaks are harmful for your family and pets, and should not be ignored at any cost. Although water leaks are not as hazardous, leaving them unattended for a prolonged time can lead to further complications in your AC unit.

Air conditioners are complex machines that rely on regular service and maintenance. If the issues continue to reoccur, you might need to replace them. But it is always advisable to reach out to certified professionals to clean and repair your air conditioning units.



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2 thoughts on “Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair or Replacement

  • Thank you for explaining that a common issue with air conditioners is that the filters get clogged or ducts are blocked from dust and buildup. My daughter has been telling me that her AC seems to cool sometimes, but not all the time. I wonder if it might be time to clean the ducts and change the air filter to see if that might be what’s wrong with how her AC is functioning.

  • Thank you for your statement about the importance of replacing your air conditioner if it has reoccurring leaks or other issues. I have noticed for the past few weeks that my AC has had constant leaks. I’ll have to find a reputable service that can install a new AC unit for my home as soon as possible.


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