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Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen limited in size? The small size is no reason for homeowners to sacrifice style, as this room remains the heart of every home.

Professional designers are incredibly creative when it comes to reorganizing small areas in order to maximize every inch available. Natural light, open storage, and vertical design do wonders for small kitchen layouts, as they make these spaces seem larger. Some layouts simply don’t work when the room available isn’t big enough to incorporate large elements like islands.

Have a look at the following design ideas to spruce up your cooking area.

Use tricks to brighten the space up

Regardless of how small your kitchen is, you can use light to brighten the space up and make it look larger. By increasing natural light in this room, the space will seem larger than it genuinely is. Sometimes, window relocation and resizing are the key aspects for allowing more light to enter the kitchen.

Moreover, laying tiles vertically creates an illusion of depth, which is especially beneficial if the tiles have a high-gloss finish to reflect light everywhere through the space. Such tiles can be paired with white cabinets and countertops that increase the brightness and size of cooking areas. Click here to see ten brilliant ways to brighten up your too-dark kitchen.

Include open storage

Small Kitchen Design Ideas / Small well organized kitchen with white tile backsplash

Another vital consideration when it comes to kitchen designs, particularly small ones, is the storage space. One wall layouts are the best solutions for achieving both functionality and efficiency without compromising the former. When planning your space, you should think vertically and create extra storage by taking advantage of your wall height.

Once you have made storage plans, it’s time to consider the effect of light. Wall-to-wall cabinets have a tendency to block light and make the room seem much smaller and more crowded. This problem can be resolved by including shelves and open storage on the upper half of the wall, which makes the room seem taller.

Be careful with the choice of flooring

As already discussed, homeowners whose kitchens are small need to create the illusion of a larger space. Such an illusion can be created by paying special attention to the flooring. Larger floor tiles are more suitable for creating this kind of illusion compared to smaller tiles, which seem to enclose the space.

For example, 900 x 600 tiles are considered versatile regarding their size, as they work well in not only small but large areas as well. The long and narrow format of wood effect porcelain is gaining popularity in tighter spaces. By hiring a kitchen designer, homeowners have every aspect tailored to their vision. Flooring can also help you with zoning by creating the impression that it includes two separate rooms.

Homeowners should choose two flooring styles, which are perfectly distinct, thus tricking the eye into seeing two separate spaces. A patterned flooring option is recommended for the kitchen, not only because it adds vigor but also because it makes spillages virtually invisible. In contrast, your dining zone would benefit from a neutral and relaxing style.

Consider vertical design

Since open-plan living room-kitchen spaces have become a trend in recent years, kitchens have become much smaller in order for living spaces to be larger. If your home has such an open-plan layout, you should plan more storage if you worry about tidiness. The key aspect is to focus on vertical design, as you cannot expand the layout horizontally.

Full-height cabinets aren’t just sophisticated but provide more storage as well. There are numerous cupboard ideas to incorporate into your design. Professional designers will provide you with some modern yet functional ideas while keeping the focus on natural light and warmth. Homeowners can create a breakfast bar area, which can double as a dining and preparation space. A multifunctional approach should be applied to kitchen design when the rooms are small.

Consider collapsible furniture

Another small kitchen design idea to consider is the introduction of collapsible furniture, which allows more freedom. There are plenty of extendable table models that extend out whenever homeowners need a large dining table for mealtimes.

In addition, these tables can also serve as desk space for individuals working from the comfort of their homes. Due to the character of collapsible furniture, no compromises will be made in terms of space. The following link, https://mydecorative.com/the-benefits-of-folding-furniture/, explains the benefits of folding furniture.

Don’t forget about corners

Small kitchens require clever design ideas to take advantage of every single inch of available space. It’s paramount to make the most use of corners and clever mechanisms. For example, many homeowners have installed a glass rack below the cupboards to use the space for hanging glasses instead of storing them inside the cabinets. Moreover, you can open the space up with glass door display cabinets.

Pay attention to the choice of color

Another aspect for homeowners to consider is the selection of color, which is important when it comes to the feeling it promotes. Mint is the best color for promoting relaxation, rest, and calmness, as this hue reminds individuals of nature. You can mix different tones in walls, cabinetry, and accessories. Keep in mind that optical illusions can also be created by using color.

A final note

Hire a professional interior designer to come up with the perfect layout for your tiny kitchen.

Wait no longer!

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