Smart Tips To Conceal Your Home Security System

Getting a home security system installed is essential to protect your home, everything in it, and most importantly, your family. You will be able to enjoy the ultimate peace of mind that comes with knowing your family’s safety is taken care of. However, when alarming your home, you should avoid certain mistakes that can decrease the level of protection the system can provide. One of such mistakes is having your security devices installed in plain sight. This can help intruders avoid sensors, hide from security cameras, and ultimately, enter your home despite your high-tech security system. To ensure criminals cannot detect where your devices are, we have listed a few smart ways to hide them.

For Outside Cameras, It’s Easier Than You Think

The list of ideas for hiding your cameras in your garden is endless. But you can start by finding any large features like a tree or large rock that is naturally part of your landscape and install your cameras to hide within your yard. Another option could be to install the cameras into artificial objects like a bird feeder or perhaps invest in some fake rocks and drill a hole into it and place it where it seems to be part of the garden naturally. Maybe you can even get a large garden gnome and install a hidden camera where the eyes of the garden gnome are, although you can do this with most types of garden décor items.

The Most Obvious Place Can Be Discreet

The average home typically has a large number of various items. An easy way to conceal a security device could be in plain sight if you have a desk witch may include items such as table ornaments or photo frames on it. You could hide your camera by placing it as part of your desk features as most criminals won’t notice the camera as they are after the biggest and most expensive items, such as your computer, laptop, or TV. Therefore, they will hastily miss security devices that seem to be a part of your household ornaments and decor items.

Use Skins And Coverings To Hide Your Camera

One option for you to try is to get skins or coverings that can make your camera look like something else, such as a smoke detector or a doorbell, or perhaps even a photo frame. Another option could be to hide your camera in the corner of your window frame if it is large enough. You can also possibly invest in hidden cameras or spy cameras that are extremely small. Hidden cameras can be placed absolutely anywhere, although they are substantially more pricey than regular security cameras.

Having a security system installed is essential for all homes as it will ensure you can feel safe at home, although it is just as important to install each device in a smart way for maximum protection. In addition, you should also consider security systems that include all the vital elements, such as monitoring devices, sensors, detectors, and alarms.



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