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Lolly’s Home Kitchen Can Take Your Cookie Decorating Skills to a New Level

Disclaimer: I received 2 free classes from Lolly’s Home Kitchen to facilitate this publication.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.  All OPINIONS stated are those of the author.

Who loves cookies?  Who bakes cookies?  Who would love to learn how to create little masterpieces that look amazing and taste wonderful?

I did, and I DID!

Lauren Anderson AKA Lolly, has perfected her craft so well, that she now shares those skills with others.  She is a graphic designer that has become a creator of delicious art! The joy and passion that cookie baking and decorating has brought her, shines through in each of her online classes (that she teaches via Teachable),

My daughter-in-law and I joined Cookie Camp last year, and learned so much (and had so much fun) that we quickly become addicted to cookie baking and decorating – especially with Royal Icing.  At one time, the thought of being able to do this seemed almost impossible.  When I saw gorgeous Royal Icing cookies in bakeries, I never dreamed that I could EVER make anything so beautiful (or whimsical, or colorful), but you know what…I can.  All thanks to Lauren!

Lolly's Home Kitchen

Lolly’s Home Kitchen Can Take Your Cookie Decorating Skills to a New Level

Shortcut Your Way To Bliss, Through Cookies!
Cookie Camp is a 5-part workshop series that will give you insider secrets to professional cookie decorating… ​right in your own kitchen!

Lolly’s Themed Decorating Classes are simple, step-by-step guided classes that will SHORTCUT your path from cookie-ing basics to Impressive, edible goodness, so you can share your cookie love without hassle!

Once you’ve mastered Cookie Camp, the world is your oyster.  You can register for theme based classes where you will learn new decorating techniques, that will bolster you confidence and fill your family’s cookie jar.  The newest class that’s now available is Flourishing Florals.

A perfect class to bring Springtime into your kitchen (even if you live in an area where you’re still getting snow)! You will learn how to make cookies that pop with flavor and color I’ve been waylaid by illness, and can hardly stand the wait to finish this class and get into my kitchen – flour flying and fluffy icing in an abundance of pastels with bold purples, lavenders, pinks, yellows, and greens!  Spending time with Lolly is like spending time with a good friend.  Lots of cheerfulness and loads of learning.

But, if you don’t believe it’s possible, let me just show you what I’ve accomplished over the last 6 months!

If you’ve ever wondered how to bake the best cookies, and decorate them with Royal Icing, what are you waiting for.  Head on over to Lolly’s Home Kitchen and register for The Flourishing Florals Class and Cookie Camp.  You will be shocked at what you can do with instruction from Lauren (and of course her fabulous recipes)!  Amaze your family and friends with your creations. Hey, like many of the other Cookie Camp Graduates, you might just think about beginning a new career.  I’m already getting orders!

Classes that are now available, besides Flourishing Florals:

Throughout the year, more classes will be offered, just in time for the different seasons and holidays. Buy them individually, or purchase the Class Pass Premium (a year’s worth of New Classes at a discount)!

Head on over to Lolly’s Home Kitchen and take a look around.  I’ll bet you get as excited about baking cookies as I have!  Let me know what classes would be your favorites!

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  • Aww man! This would be so awesome! My daughter would be thrilled. Thanks for telling me about this!

  • i love making cookies!!!


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