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Some Of The Best Cheese Recipes To Try

If you love cheese and you are keen to eat more of it, one thing you might want to do is to include as much of it in your cooking as you can. Or at least, you might want to be aware of some of the recipes that incorporate cheese in some interesting and delicious ways. In this post, we are going to take a look at some examples of the kinds of meals you can cook at home which have a decent amount of cheese in them. All of these are worth trying out at home at some point or another.

Some Of The Best Cheese Recipes To Try


One of the really classic cheese-based recipes is the quiche. The beauty of the quiche is that it can be really simple or you can make it more complex, it’s completely up to you. At the minimum, all you need is some good quality cheese, some eggs and perhaps a little ham or veg. And if you want it to be even simpler, you might want to check out a crustless cheese and ham quiche recipe. It’s great for leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch too, and it’s also something that freezes really well for the future.

Quiche / Some Of The Best Cheese Recipes To Try

Aubergine (Eggplant) Parmigiana

A lot of cheese dishes are not all that healthy, if we’re honest. But there are some which do at least have a decent amount of veg and other goodness in them, and the Italian classic of aubergine parmigiana is a fantastic example of that. The best way to do this meal is to spend a long time over your tomato sauce, and then to fry your aubergine slices individually, and sprinkle plenty of parmesan on top of each slice as it is cooked. That way, you get that deep umami flavor that you expect from the dish, and a good hit of salt too.

Baked Camembert

This meal really is just cheese, but it’s so delicious that it had to be included here. It is also very simple to do, and yet the results can be one of the most incredible things you have ever eaten. If you’ve never baked your own camembert, the process is simple. All you do is cut a few slices in the top and insert some sliced garlic, rosemary and salt. Throw some olive oil over the top of the whole thing, and then bake in the oven – ideally in a camembert dish – for around 20-25 minutes. Serve with good quality sourdough bread.

Sliced Prosciutto  Olives Almonds and Camembert Cheese / Some Of The Best Cheese Recipes To Try


Another Italian classic is the lasagna, and the best examples of lasagna do tend to have quite a lot of cheese going on. If you want your lasagna to be as delicious as possible, do make sure that you are putting plenty of cheese in every layer. You might want to include some mozzarella as well, because it becomes stringy and really goes through every mouthful in a beautiful way. So that is something that you are going to need to think about if you are trying to make it delicious.

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