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7 Tips to Get the Kids Ready Quicker

When you have kids, the mornings aren’t exactly the best part of the day. It’s the part of the day where the scramble to get everyone ready and out of the door on time begins, so yeah, it’s pretty stressful, to say the least,

However, does it have to be so bad? Maybe not! It is totally possible to encourage the kids to get ready quicker which will help you out a bunch, right? Here’s how:

  1. The Night-Before Strategy

The classic night-before strategy is a classic because it works, so if you haven’t already, you are going to want to adopt it like, right, now. Lay out clothes, pack bags, and prep lunches while the kids are dreaming of Minecraft and unicorns. It will give you a head start that will make mornings less of a mad dash. Bonus points if you manage to do it without tripping over the dog. Dentist Near Me Ballantyne also suggests making toothbrushing fun so they can look forward to it in the morning

  1. Get them Some Neat Accessories

Introduce cool accessories that make getting dressed less of a chore and more of a mission. Think superhero belts, princess tiaras, cute keychains for backpacks, or even roarsome dinosaur backpacks. Anything that will get them excited to dress for the day will be a win for you. Who knew that a Batman watch could be the key to punctuality?

  1. Breakfast Buffet Bonanza

Set up a selection of easy-to-grab-and-eat foods that the kids can choose from in the morning and you will save time, and stop tantrums about what to eat tii. Just remember, a spoonful of choice can lead to a morning of peace.

  1. The Get-Ready Race

Why not inject a bit of competitive spirit into the morning with the get-ready race? Challenge the kids to see who can get dressed and brush their teeth the fastest. The prize? The coveted title of Morning Champion (and maybe a sticker). You’ll be surprised by just how well it works.

  1. Playlist Power-Up

Have a bit of fun and create a morning playlist of upbeat songs to get everyone moving. Each song is a cue for a different part of the routine – first song for dressing, second for breakfast, and so on. It’s like having a dance party where the goal is to leave the house, not just dance in your pajamas.

  1. Responsibility Chart: Gamify the Routine

If you want to win the mornings, you’re going to want to implement a responsibility chart with rewards for tasks completed on time. It will basically let you turn the morning routine into a video game, where completing levels (a.k.a. getting ready) earns them points towards a reward. Just beware of any attempts to hack the system.

  1. The Art of Bribery (Ahem, Incentivization)

When all else fails, never underestimate the power of a good bribe. Whether it’s the promise of extra screen time or a special treat, sometimes a little incentivization is all it takes to turbo-charge those tiny feet. It’s not bribery; it’s strategic motivation.

As you can see, getting the kids ready quicker in the morning doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. So, here’s to a more relaxed breakfast time and a calmer start to the day!


13 thoughts on “7 Tips to Get the Kids Ready Quicker

  • My daughter will be having a baby soon and I will be watching the other kids, This is so needed right now.

  • This can be tricky. You have some great ideas here. I know setting things out the day before helped us a lot.

  • These are all such great ideas. I know some kids can be tricky to get moving quickly, so I’m sure these will be helpful.

  • These are some excellent tips. Especially wink the bribery. I am thankful my kids are in Middle School and High School. I do not have to beg anymore.

  • These tips are so helpful! I wish I had read this when my daughter was a toddler. 🙂

  • The night-before strategy sounds like a game-changer, and I love the idea of turning our morning routine into a fun competition with the get-ready race.

  • I’ve been in this situation decades ago when my kids were in school. I believe it’s all about planning and sticking to it, no matter what happens.

  • getting things ready the night before is the best but some times it is incentives day!

  • Preparing at night is a game-changer, really keeps the hustle and bustle down. Great tips!

  • This is a daily struggle with us. My son loves his beauty sleep and I do too. But I know how to quickly get ready to get out the door. It takes him forever though. Drives me bonkers.

  • these are great and helpful tips. I will definitely try these with my kids.


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